Liberia: NEC Does Not Follow The Constitution Of Liberia


With the illegal political partisan campaigning already started for the 2023 General and Presidential Election, there is a lot of hala hala about what the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia is doing. This hala hala comes from the background where NEC has been taking actions in violation of the Constitution of Liberia. More than two years ago, the violation of the Constitution of Liberia by NEC came up at the Supreme Court of Liberia through the Tipoteh versus Korkoya Case.

Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Contributing Writer

Mr. Jerome Korkoya. then Chairperson of NEC, was a citizen of the United States of America (USA), in violation of the Constitution of Libera. Liberia is supposed to be moving towards setting up a democracy in Liberia, as called for in Chapter One of the Constitution of Liberia, meaning that all power is in the hands of the people of Liberia. Accordingly, any change in the Constitution must come from the people through a REFERENDUM. The most recent REFERENDUM on the dual citizenship choice was overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Liberia. Some people who say that they are for democracy are trying to push the dual citizenship through outside of the Constitution instead of following the Constitution. 

All the hala hala about NEC concerns Truth telling. Does NEC tell the Truth? Does NEC follow the Constitution of Liberia? NEC does not tell the Truth! NEC does not follow the Constitution of Liberia!! Here are some indications of what NEC does.

Witness how NEC allows persons to be candidates for elections without any citizenship indication. Witness how NEC allows foreigners to vote. Witness how NEC allows Liberians to vote in places where they are not registered to vote. Witness how NEC gives contracts on a personalized basis. With this overwhelming evidence about the unconstitutional actions of NEC, some people are still wondering as to whether NEC tells the Truth.

The overwhelming evidence showing that NEC violates the Constitution of Liberia provides an opportunity for people who love Liberia to continue to work together. This work has to do with the raising of awareness in ways that motivate people to take non-violent actions, through the Rule of Law, as found in the Constitution of Liberia. It is this raising of awareness that is transforming the electoral system in Liberia from UNFAIR to FAIR. When this transformation takes place, persons with good records will be elected to move Liberia away from the trace of poverty generation and into the embrace of poverty alleviation.  

Some people are still about why bother NEC again. Well, we are on NEC again to prevent violence.