Liberia: Former Minister of Health Dr. Walter Gwenigale Has Died


MONROVIA – Former Minister of Health, Dr. Walter Gwenigale has died. He died at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center Friday morning at 6:03, FrontPageAfrica has gathered.

FrontPageAfrica gathered the late Dr. Gwenigale underwent successful surgery last Saturday but later developed complications.

Dr. Gwenigale served as the Minister of Health during the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s regime from 2006 to 2015.

He also served as a practicing surgeon for more than 30 years, including during the civil war. He was Bong County health officer, director of Phebe Hospital, and president of the Christian Health Association of Liberia. He also served on the World Health Organization’s executive board and as a board member of the Roll Back Malaria campaign.

Upon his retirement from public service in 2015, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf described him as “a symbolic icon with a commitment and duty to public service that we all must endeavor to emulate in upholding the public trust that has been bestowed upon us as a government”.

She further described him as “a masterful manifestation of humbled and exemplary life that comes on par with nothing short of unassuming excellence.”

She said “Dr. Gwenigale will be remembered as one of my best-serving Cabinet Ministers that I could count on for sound judgment and profoundly good advice”.