VOICES: Liberians Criticize The 25 Days Extension Of President Weah’s Foreign Trip


Monrovia – Liberians have been shocked by the news that President has requested additional 25 days to attend some important events to which he has been invited.

Some say such a request is a deliberate attempt to abandon his responsibility as President. However, others say his long stay has no impact on the country.

FrontPageAfrica has been out getting views from Liberians and this was what they had to say.

By: J.H. Webster Clayeh

Johnetta Alison, Resident of Jacob Town: It is heartless to think about. With all of the prevailing situations in the country, the economic crisis we are faced with right now, for him to go that long and still be requesting additional 25 days to be out of the country, for me, I see it as unfair to the Liberian people.

While we are suffering, President Weah wants to stay out of the country to merry make more than putting the plight of the Liberian people first.

It is very unfair to the Liberian people that voted for him overwhelmingly, it is unfair to them. The livelihood of the people is supposed to be his priority but he is not prioritizing the Liberian people at all.” 

Mohammed Deygbe, Political Activist: “The extension of president Weah’s visit and his long stay from the country is unpatriotic and further proves that the President lacks the basic rudimentary of leadership. 

This is even unthinkable for president Weah to leave the country amid public outcry and extreme economic hardship. 

The country stands to benefit absolutely nothing from President Weah’s travel. His travel is meant to dish out millions of United States dollars from the country’s coffer to satisfy his insatiable social appetite. 

Mr. Weah’s travels have brought more untold suffering to the citizenry of our country. What is scarier is for the President to leave the country during these difficult times. This will only increase the already deplorable living condition of our people. We stand to benefit nothing positive from President Weah’s travel. 

We are told that president Weah is on a social extravaganza around the world. This is the least that any President will ever do to his people.”

Euodia T Gbatoe, Rights Activist: “It is very disappointing for a sitting President to leave his country for two months for a sporting purpose is very disheartening.

The President has already broken the traveling policy. Globally, no President can leave his country for two months for just a mere sport. I think President Weah does not want this job but he is afraid to say it because no President will leave his job and go outside for two months.

The 18 of December in that letter is when the World Cup will end. And so, he wants to remain and watches all of the games his son will be playing.

Again, as Liberians, we can no longer stand up for our rights so President Weah can do anything to us. All of the delegates that left with the President, you know how much money left our cover, that money should be spent on hospitals in the rural areas.”

Maclean Renner, Activist: “In my mind, the President’s long stay out of the country is extravagant, and with all of the problems ranging from corruption within LISGIS, Civil Servants not getting their salaries, our President not taking these situations seriously he is extending his trip till December 18 before he can come back to Liberia.

Whenever the father is not in the home, nothing will run straight into the home. And that is the case with Liberia at this moment.”

David S. Zubah, University of Liberia Student: “President is provoking the Liberian people. Each time President comes with money he takes it for his personal use and the country cannot benefit.

So, now that President is out of the country for this long have nothing to impart us.”

Daniel Mulbah, Book Seller: “It is not good to leave the country for long as a leader. Because anything happens. And so people will like to listen to their leader.

For a leader to spend a long time out of the country, gives other people the chance to overthrow them at any time because the leader is not in the country.

But I’m sure that all of the security measures are put in place. So, everything will be ok.

He has gone already but I pray that during his return he should bring good news. I hope that he will be successful.”

Philip K. Sammie, Resident of Paynesville: “The President asking for additional 25 days, it is our hope and our expectation that his request being granted will be in the interest of the country.

We are hoping that the President will not just be on social activities and anything that bring glory to himself but will bring glory to the country.

The President’s long stay cannot be criticized right now and so let’s wait to see what the President will bring from his trip.

If he returns with something positive we will glorify him. If he comes with nothing, we will condemn his long stay and the Liberian people will decide in 2023.”

Oluwala Okangbe, Shoe Shine Man: “The President is going to lobby. He is not going to walkabout. He is going to lobby for the construction of the road from Free Port to Duala and as far as Bomi County. That road will soon start.

When the President comes home I believe that he will bring many developments to Liberia.

Since President Weah came to power, he has had one of the best security in West Africa. So no one can overthrow his government.”