President Weah Gives Muslims LD$3M, 3K Bags of Rice for Ramadan


Monrovia – President George Mannah Weah has presented to the Liberian Muslim Community LD$ 3 million plus 3,000 Bags of rice as they prepare to climax the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

Presenting the items to the Muslims communities through counties superintendents from the 15 political subdivisions on Wednesday, May 29, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Monrovia, Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf said the gesture is President Weah’s own way of identifying with the Muslim Community.

“These items cannot be given to the citizens in Monrovia while sitting in Monrovia, it has to be given to others in the counties through their superintendents. The superintendents are key in the running of our governance process and have come to receive this good gestures from our president,” Minister Sirleaf.

Minister Sirleaf said the rice and cash for soup kinds will be received by the counties superintendents, but the distribution in these counties would be ably assisted by the Special Project Office in the office of President Weah.

He furthered, that the items will be distributed according to the population of Muslims in various counties.

These bags of rice and cash, according to Sirleaf, will be used by members of the Islamic faith to break their fast on Ramadan Day.

“As a Muslim, this distribution has to be fast because on next Monday, (June 3) might be the 29th day of the Month of Ramadan because we can fast for either 29 or 30 days. And those fasting can break their fast on the last day. By this food sent by their son, the one who is thinking about them without asking him, the one they popularly elected, that will be a plus for our president,” Sirleaf asserted.

“So I’m asking you – superintendents – to get on your feet along with the Special Project people that this food reaches our people in time.

“The President would have loved to be here to do this presentation and I want to thank him for the value he continues to add to the interior people through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

He said President Weah comes from a Christian background, but however, stands for unity and wants to see Liberians from diverse religious backgrounds working together.

At the same time, the Internal Affairs Minister noted that President Weah is concerned about the spirituality of the Muslim faiths and is joining them in celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Receiving the items, the Chairman of the Superintendent Council of Liberia Janjay Baikpeh lauded President Weah for the gesture, stating that it is not strange under the Coalition for Democratic Change administration.

“President Weah has been doing this long time, even before he became president and this is why we did not hesitate to make him President. We can remember that similar gesture was done in 2018 and no complaint came from any of the counties,” he said.