Monrovia City Corporation Launches New Waste Management Pilot Project


Monrovia – The Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC) over the weekend lunched a new waste management system called the house to house garbage collection pilot project in four districts in Monrovia.

Report by Webster J. H. Clayeh, [email protected]

According to the MCC, the pilot Project will take effects by Monday, April 8, 2019. 

Residents from District #7, District #8, District #9 and District #10 in Monsterrado County will be charged fees for the waste management team of MCC to dispose of their garbage.

The new waste management system that was launched at the Old Education Building on Mechlin and Broad Streets, is a pilot project under the Weah for Clean City program.

Despite rebranding its waste collection campaign, MCC faces serious challenges with the handling of waste in country.

This, many residents in Monrovia say they are not getting the full impact of the much talk about “Weah for Clean City”.

Speaking at the event, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee says he has listened to all of the many concerns about the handling of waste, adding it is time for residents of the four districts corporate with the MCC waste management team for a clean environment.

“Every day you say the city is dirty, the City Major is not working, the Mayor can wear bow tie, the Mayor just sitting behind his desk; I want to say thank you ever so much,” Mayor Koijee said.

“I have come to your call and want to say I respect your calls. I am your leader and also your servant; anytime you called on me I must listen to your calls.”

Koijee said the project is a pilot, nd it is a modernized approach intended to properly manage waste within the city of Monrovia through the collaboration of the accredited Community Base Enterprises (CBEs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

It will target four electoral districts and target approximately 36,000 out of 85,000 homes enumerated throughout the 10 electoral districts in Monrovia. 

He said all skip buckets at roadsides and communities will eventually be removed and only be maintained and monitored 24 hours at market places.

Mayor Koijee said his vision is to ensure that Monrovia becomes a ‘smart’ city, adding that software named and styled “Ducor Software” has also been developed for waste tracking and household locations. 

He noted that the Monrovia City Government will work with legislators of the targeted districts, Commissioners of WestPoint, Congo Town and Garwula Townships including community leaders to implement the project.

The Monrovia City Mayor said: “Residents of Monrovia should take the project as their own and work collectively with the City Government to ensure a clean Monrovia.”

Also, Monsterrado County District #7 Representative Solomon George, who attended the launching ceremony, embraced project and called on residents of Monrovia to work collectively with the MCC to ensure that the initiative is a success.

“Especially people from my district, some you are dirty, if we caught you putting dirt in the streets; we will beat you before we jail you,” Representative George warns.

For his part, the Liberia National Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue pledged the Liberia National Police unwavering support to the project.

IG Sudue said the LNP is collaborating with the Monrovia City Police to continuously ensure that laws and orders are maintained within the City Limit of Monrovia.