Mayonnaise Manufacturing Company Officially Opens in Liberia

Minister of State Wesseh Blamoh, Blue Lake Mayonnaise CEO Houssein Cheaitou and First Lady Clar Weah (middle) cut the ribbon

MONROVIA – At long last, the Cheaitou Brothers have established Liberia’s first mayonnaise factory, the Blue Lake Mayonnaise, situated on the Freeport Road in Monrovia, which is expected to reduce the unemployment ratio in Liberia.

By: Francis G. Boayue

The Chief Executive Officer of Blue Lake Manufacturing Incorporated, Houssein Cheaitou, stated that he was inspired to make a difference in the business sector by producing quality mayonnaise that suits the tastes of all.

Mr. Cheaitou added that the new brand of mayonnaise, which is now available in the Liberian market, will not only present a better alternative but will also help reduce the importation of such products from abroad. A reduction in imports would help boost Liberia’s gross domestic product and GDP.

According to him, the quality of mayonnaise offered in the Liberian market was either too salty, oily, acidic, or sour, prompting consumers, including diabetics, to refrain from consuming the product.

Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar Marie Weah, cut the ribbon for the establishment of Liberia’s first mayonnaise factory, Blue Lake Manufacturing Incorporated. The grand opening ceremony attracted dozens of dignitaries, including diplomats, bankers, and business executives, among others.

She lauded the Cheaitou brothers for establishing Liberia’s first mayonnaise factory, the Blue Lake Mayonnaise, describing the endeavor as a significant improvement to the national economy.

The Liberian First Lady welcomed the Cheaitou brothers’ endeavors to provide job opportunities for several Liberians and to boost the country’s economy.

“Several years ago, the CEO of the Blue Lake mayonnaise factory approached me explaining his intent to open a factory here in Liberia. Among the many things he said, what got my attention was the fact that the company would provide jobs for Liberians who are unemployed, which will obviously reduce the unemployment ratio in Liberia,” Madam Weah said.

She further expressed her excitement that the brand name, “Blue Lake,” was proposed by her due to her love for the Blue Lake in Bomi County. She added that the name Blue Lake Mayonnaise will attract more Liberians to buy the locally made mayonnaise.

Also speaking, the Acting Chair of the Cabinet and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Hon. George Wesseh Blamoh, expressed gratitude on behalf of the President and the people of Liberia for the confidence to trust and invest in the economy of Liberia under the leadership of President George Manneh Weah.

He said it is now time for Liberia to move from the old days of importing goods to building more industries for local production. He called on other well-meaning businesses to follow the Cheaitou brothers by investing and opening more factories in Liberia. He stressed that the economy has great potential for investment.