Liberia’s Defense Minister Unsure About 14 Military Hospital Project Full Completion by 2019


Monrovia – Defense Minister Gen. Daniel D. Ziankahn is uncertain about the 14 Military Hospital will be in full swing by 2019 as concerns grow in the public about the possibility of a project proposed by President George Mannah Weah become a success.

Report by : Willie N. Tokpah [email protected]

Gen. Ziankahn told the Truth Breakfast Show Monday, that the 14 Military Hospital is expected to be completed at wh “an appreciable level” but will not be ready for full operation next year.

“By October of next year, it will be completed at an appreciable level, but it will not be ready for operation. The rainy season will give us some problems and I think during the dry season, we will have it going a level I wish,” Minister Ziankahn said.

The over 200-bed military hospital, according to the government, reminisces the number ’14 Jersey wore by President Weah during his soccer days.

If constructed, it will serve as the first health facility exclusively for members of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and Para-military personnel in the country.

Since the groundbreaking, there have been concerns about the status of the hospital, but Ziankahn noted that construction work is in the pipeline and will be partially completed by October 2019.
He said the Engineer Battalion of the Arm Forces of Liberia has been charged with the responsibility to construct the hospital, but other professionals will be also hired.

“The project has been given to the Arm Forces of Liberia Engineer Department along with some guards from the facility platoon, but we will have some consultants and some contractors who will be coming to do some specialized work,” Gen. Ziankahn asserted.

Minister Ziankahn noted that earlier cost of the project was placed at US$2.5 Million but that amount has increased to US$3Million due to additional requirements.

Of the US$3Million being estimated for the project, the Liberia Defense Minister revealed that two million has already been deposited in an escrow account to begin the implementation.

“I will not tell you what is not true. It is in an escrow account now. I spoke with the Finance Minister and I will not tell you what I don’t know,” Gen. Ziankahn averred.

On Monday, October 15, 2018, Assistant Defense Minister for Public Affairs Sam Collins told FrontPage Africa that no company has been contracted to construct the 14 Military Hospital. He said the construction work will be carried out by the Engineer Battalion of the Arm Forces of Liberia.

“There is no other company that has been contracted that work, and if any other comes in, it will be based on consultancy,” Minister Collins noted.

Minister Collins further revealed that the first phase of the hospital, comprising the foundation has already been completed as well as the exterior wall being erected.

However, FrontPage Africa could not independently verify the information, as Minister Collins has considered the construction site a military ground, noting that at an appropriate time the media will be mobilized to visit the site.

Meanwhile, Minister Ziankahn has decried low budget of the AFL but emphasized that he will advocate for increment for the security sector.

“I think the president has a vision and we who are appointed must support that vision,” he said.