Liberian Government Officially Launches Bicentennial Celebrations


MONROVIA — Ceremonies and activities for Liberia’s 200 years of formation as a state on the shores of Africa have begun in earnest with an official colorful launch on Thursday, December 2, 2021 in Monrovia.

The premises of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism jostled as journalists joined a horde of topnotch officials of government, including the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxell Kemeyah, Monrovia City Major Jefferson T. Koijee and a host of chairpersons of sub-committees. 

In various statements, the speakers drilled journalists and the wider public who listened via radio, social media and other platforms on the significant importance of the Bicentennial.

Beginning December this year, and up to 2022 particularly in February, activities celebrating 200 years of Liberia’s political existence will light up every nook and corner of Liberia.

According to the Steering Committee, the theme of the event is, “Liberia: The Land of Return – Commemorating 200 Years of Freedom and Pan-African Leadership”. The Slogan is “The Lone Star Forever, Stronger Together.”

The Steering Committee says, this theme signifies three important historical milestones achieved by the country since it was founded in 1822 by free people of African descent and their patrons from the United States. 

The theme celebrates Liberia, in West Africa, as the land chosen as refuge by free people of African descent who endured many years of servitude in the United States, to settle as their home country. Consequently, under the auspices of the American Colonization Society (ACS), many of the free people of color emigrated from the United States and disembarked on Providence Island in Liberia on January 7, 1822 as their home country.  

According to the Steering Committee, the theme also seeks to memorialize black freedom and nationhood and the determination for self-governance that began 200 years ago when Liberia was established in 1822. 

In an era when people of African descent were seeking freedom and self-determination, the founding of Liberia, “the Black Republic,” which gained independence in 1847, stood as the clear indication that Africans were capable of self-rule.

In launching the event officially, the Minister of State and Presidential Affairs and National Coordinator of the Bicentennial, Mr. Nathanial F. McGill on behalf of President George Manneh Weah call on Liberians from all works of life at home and abroad to be a part of the celebration and activities.

He said Liberia belongs to all despite their religious and political orientations and that all should regard the Bicentennial as a national pride.

Minister McGill indicated that the Steering Committee was soliciting support and participation of Liberians into the activities based on their expertise and willingness of individuals and not on political representation.

Also speaking at the launch, Liberia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, D. Maxwell Saah Kemayah indicated that massive preparation was ongoing in the United States, Europe and other countries where Liberians and people of Liberian descend are gearing up to come down for the celebration.

He revealed that a high level Black Caucus members and noted African Americans, who are informed about, and invited to, the Bicentennial are also expected to attend.

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, who also spoke at the launch said adequate preparations are underway for both accommodation and beautification.