Liberia: Witness Creates More Doubts Against EPS Agent on Trial in Shooting Death 


Monrovia- Prosecution’s fourth witness testimony to Criminal Court “A” on Monday, December 5, appeared to have created more doubts, having provided two separate pieces of information surrounding his decision to charge defendant Patrick Kollie for murder.

Jerry K.M. Wamah, an investigator in the shooting incident that led to the death of Valentine Johnson, who was reportedly shot and killed during the early morning hours of July 14, 2022, stated that defendant Kollie, a former agent of the Executive Protection Agency (EPS), was charged with murder based on explanation from witnesses and visitation on the scene.

He said his investigation showed that the defendant knowingly and intentionally shot at some men believed to be criminals, but those targeted, but rather the victim.

Wayman said he was not on the scene when the incident occurred, but later charged the defendant with murder. Wamah also noted that the defendant told investigators that he was in a tussle with criminals when his arm mistakenly discharged.

“It was established that defendant Patrick Kollie, who was not on duty, not even at assignment area, was on his way home at the Police Academy Community when he came across an alleged criminal that tried to molest him to impede his movement, in the process, the defendant went into his white vehicle, picked up his assigned weapon Noreagao pistol and as soon the alleged criminals spotted him picking his arm from his vehicle, they took to their heed, during which time Defendant Patrick Kollie fired behind the alleged suspect while the victim was on an approaching motorbike and got hit by the bullet,” Inspector Wamah said.

He, however, failed to state the name of the person who escorted Defendant Kollie to the LNP headquarters.

What seems doubting to many at the court was the fact that witness Waymah said he did not know details of the person who escorted Defendant Kollie go to the LNP headquarters but told the court that he gave the weapon allegedly used that night to the unknown individual.

He also noted that Defendant Kollie did not turn himself over willingly, the fact that he had to be escorted by a friend to police headquarters.

Wayman told the court that it was possible that Defendant Kollie and the alleged criminals could be in a tussle over an arm and then he (Defendant Kollie) could be held liable for the discharge of the arm.

Defendant Kollie has since pleaded not guilty to the indictment of murder.

He has stated that the arm was discharged mistakenly, during a tussle with criminals at the Police Academy Community Junction.

Meanwhile, the prosecution also produced a fifth witness, Abraham B. Risks, a Coroner at the Ministry of Justice to testify into the matter.

Following his testimony, Prosecution further requested the court to Subpoena the Medical Doctor at the JFK Hospital, Joseph N. Siaway, who pronounced the victim dead on arrival to enable him to take the witness stand to testify on behalf of the state.

The request was thereby granted for Doctor Siaway to appear on Wednesday, December 7, while the proceeding was rescheduled for the same date.