Liberia: Wife Honors ‘Resilient and Courageous’ Husband on His Graduation from Harvard University


MONROVIA — In a powerful and touching “how it started and how it’s going message”, Mrs. Olivia Wilson Thursday paid homage to her husband Mr. Bartholomew Wilson as he graduates from Harvard University with a Master’s degree in Global Health and Social Medicine (MMSc) on May 27, 2021.

She said her husband’s path to attending
Harvard University began in 2005/ 2006 when he obtained a Diploma from the Cape Palmas High School.

Mrs. Wilson said her husband would later go to Monrovia and matriculated at the Stella Maris Polytechnic where he completed studies in Biology and Chemistry thereby obtaining a BSc degree in 2012/2013.

Being an extremely ambitious young man, Mrs. Wilson said her husband later enrolled at the Cuttington Graduate School & obtained for a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) in 2019.

“You are a man of courage, resilience, and discipline. The history of your life remains a lesson to many young Liberians especially those going through the toughest moments of life,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Describing her husband as a phenomenal personality, Mrs. Wilson said his entire life journey is replete with challenges, struggles, success, and greatness.

The excited Mrs. Wilson said her husband, who was born in the suburban part of Liberia particularly Maryland County, did not have many options and opportunities when embarking on his life’s journey.

“You had to struggle and labor for every opportunity to make life a better one for yourself and people within your circle. To add gasoline to an already blazing fire furnace, your both parents fallen prey to the cold hands of death when you needed them the most to be by your side”.

This setback,she said, was a major blow and a burden one could not easily carry. “In fact, this sort of calamity had caused many persons to be distracted & lost the torch to their true destination”.

“But here is the most interesting part that I cannot afford to leave out in this write-up; while you were going through profound challenges coupled with the death of your parents, you were never distracted by the storm, you were never overwhelmed, you did not give up but rather, you kept your head high up & remain committed to pursuing your education – holding firm to the belief that an educated person has no boundaries nor borders”.

With the latest feat from Harvard University, Mrs. Wilson said her husband has demonstrated an exemplary style of living. “And people like you are the true pillars upon which society is constructed with ethics & principles for all of humanity…!”

She added: “This is the chronological phases of your struggle. Life for you was never bread & butter. You struggled & struggled many days without capitulating. There were nights you slept on empty belly & there were days you went to school without a cent for lunch.”

“But you did not allow those tough times to sway you away from your goal, but you instead used them as steppingstones to excel to the height you are today. So, this proves beyond doubts that you are not an ordinary personality, and I am proud to be the woman of your life. The life you continue to live & your success over all the hurdles is a factor of motivation to young people around the globe. You are a great man & an emblem of real success. You are a role model and a personality worth emulation.”

She added: “As you bring home yet another degree, permit me to extend heartfelt Congratulations to your name. I am so proud of you. You are a hero who fought for your true position in society. You are man of greatness & I celebrate you today, tomorrow & forever”.