Liberia: Unity Party-USA/Canada Welcomes Standard-Bearer’s Statement Withdrawing From CPP


MONROVIA – A consensus of supports to Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakia, Standard-Bearer of the Unity Party announcing immediate withdrawal from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), has been stamped as an important step by authorities of the Unity Party-USA/ Canada, a diaspora based segment of the UP.

Chairman Kerper Dwanyen confirmed that the withdrawal announced by the Standard-Bearer was necessary as it disconnects the UP from further uneasiness and ceaseless internal wrangling in the CPP political brotherhood.

In a press release Wednesday Feb 16, 2022, Chairman Dwanyen said supporters, sympathizers and members of Unity Party-USA/ Canada salute the Standard-Bearer for his recognition to distance the party from any entanglement.

The Diaspora UP’s Chairman called on all well-meaning Liberians home and abroad to see Amb. Boakai’s statement to back peddle from the CPP as a critical national decision which in actual dimension, will regroup the UP with other nationally conscious political parties and potent political figures.

As part of his press statement issued Wednesday Feb 26, 2022, Amb. Boakai ran down root causes of the inside political bickering and the frustration that bewitched the formation of the CPP into wreck, something that is fully weighed on Mr. Alexander Cummings’ rebellious act of sensitive document tampering.

Issuing his press statement, His Excellency Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakia, thanked the Liberian people for their supports and confidence they continue to place at his feet. He reminded the nation that: “there will be a more formidable and respectable partnership that will ensure President Weah is a one term President”.

“The leadership of the Unity Party-USA/ Canada applauded the UP Standard-Bearer’s press conference as a greater step to the heights of victory for every Liberian.”