Liberia: Tryon Brown Finally Gets Justice as Murderer’s Life Sentence Upheld by Supreme Court


Monrovia – Defendant Jonathan Williams is expected to serve a life imprisonment penalty for murdering Journalist Tyron Brown, following an affirmation of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court in the Bomi County decision.

Defendant Williams was adjudged guilty by the 11th Judicial Circuit Court for murdering the late Liberian Journalist, who worked for Kool FM before his demise.

In its final judgment on Monday, September 5, the Supreme Court, through its full bench present in the country, noted that Defendant Williams is guilty of murder and that sentencing him to life imprisonment is established.

In their final judgment, the higher court noted

that proof of insanity lies within the purview of an expert witness, in the instant case, the defendant’s assertion that he was insane was insufficient to establish proof of his insanity.

The court cited, that for a person to be entitled to self-defense, he must have used force on another person when he believes that such force is necessary for protecting himself against the use of unlawful force by another person.

Nonetheless, the Supreme Court maintained that, as in the instant case, the evidence is scowling that the victim was vulnerable, and was impaled in the rear, resulting in his demise.

As such, they noticed that the claim of self-defense cannot be upheld.

Hence, the High Court preserved that the prosecution’s proof in the case substantiated beyond a reasonable skepticism that the appellant hatefully stabbed the victim, drove, and dumped his body unconscious on the roadside.

The Supreme Court similarly elucidated that the victim was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

This act of the defendant, the court said, is a manifestation of the purposeful killing of another person within the meaning of Penal Law Revised: 26:14.1, hence, declaring him guilty of murder.

Wherefore, the Supreme Court has affirmed that the trial court’s final ruling adjudging Defendant Williams guilty of murder and sentencing him to life imprisonment is affirmed.

The Supreme Court has therefore ordered it Clerk to send a mandate to the lower court to proceed with jurisdiction over the case and give conclusion to the judgment.

The Late Journalist Tyron Brown was uncovered dead on Duport road on April 16, 2018.

Police investigation linked Defendant Jonathan William and others to the crime of Murder.

According to Investigation, Journalist Brown had taken off to Defendant William’s Compound to see his girlfriend Edwina Youtee, when the episode ensued.

In the indictment, the deceased had gone to visit Edwina in a Kingdom Care Community compound owned by Dr. Jerret, where defendant Williams was occupying along with his two nieces identified as Edwina Promise Yuotee and Alice Yourtee.

According to the report, while in the compound, the deceased was allegedly bombed by defendant Williams, who stabbed him with a knife twice in the left ribs and one time on the side of the upper back which lead to his death. Meanwhile, it is now left to the lower court to enforce its earlier ruling on sentencing Defendant Williams to life imprisonment.