Liberia: ‘The Most Irresponsible Government Ever’ — Joseph Boakai


MONROVIA – Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., Former Vice President and Standard Bearer of Unity Party (UP), said Friday that in his lifetime of several years of dedicated public service to Liberia, he has never seen a government so irresponsible, incompetent, careless, non-patriotic, and just utterly wicked as the CDC/Weah-led government.

Ambassador Boakai, who was the keynote speaker at the 16th Graduating Class of the Effort Baptist Church School, noted that the country is suffering not only from uncontrollable corruption but also bad governance, which includes a broken down educational system, poor health delivery facilities, continual human rights abuses, deteriorating economic conditions.

Speaking to over 60 graduates and an audience filled with parents, friends, and well-wishers on the topic of “Building Good Character,” Ambassador Boakai said the graduates and young people who are to become the future leaders of Liberia should acquire and foster character building, which represents the recognition of their responsibilities to take advantage of their education, which will equip them with the knowledge, understanding, skills, and values to face the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

He emphasized that the lack of good character being exhibited by some individuals in the Weah government that led to rampant corruption which has engulfed the proper running of government, leading to three officials who were recently sanctioned by the Government of the United States.  He further noted that the lack of character building in almost all segments of our society is a national burden most Liberians may not want to admit, but it is an open secret that the negative effect of poor character among us in Liberia today is serious as well as it is worrisome.

He told the graduates that people in leadership today who steal the nation’s resources are robbing them of their promised future.  He further said these corrupt officials, apparently when they were in school, they were ones who cheated and bought grades, noting that “good character must always go with you in order to become honest, patriotic, and productive leaders in the future.”