Liberia: QNET Rubbishes Claims Of ‘Scam Operation’ in Liberia; Attributes Negativities to Unfair Distributors


MONROVIA – QNET, a pioneer of the direct selling industry in many emerging economies has rubbished claims of being ‘a scam company’ in Liberia.

QNET through its Public Relations Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa Maxime PETI told journalist Tuesday that it has not setup any office in Liberia and has not approved the operation of those in alleged dubious activities in the name of the company.

She said QNET has distributors in Liberia but they are not allowed to do their businesses in the name of the company, as per the contract signed but into their individual businesses names.

QNET has recently come under serious criticism in the media allegedly, for dubious business deal, but the company said it was unknown persons or some unfair distributors who were using the company’s name criminally.

Madam PETI added that QNET is still in the process of setting up its office in Liberia like other African nations as well as getting an agent that would serve as direct link between its head office and government.

She distanced QNET from collection of money from individuals in the name of getting ‘fast money,’ stressing that the direct business giant, is particularly concerned with sales of products.

“Our business does not have a set criterion of becoming BSc holder before you can become an agent or distributor in Liberia, but it depends on your credibility and trust,” Madam PETI said.

As such, she stated that those associated with such scam are doing it on their own and wants anyone caught in such act to be arrested by security authority for onward action.

PETI is at the same time encouraging the public to inform security on individuals who will be seen in the business of extorting money from those craving to grow their businesses, in the name of getting double of such amount.

According to her, QNET has been in existence for several years and is partnering with renowned institutions, to include Manchester City Football Club, but has not began full operations in Liberia.

PETI clarified that QNET is not registered in Liberia, but is fully registered with the West African Business body, based in the Ivory Coast, which Liberia is a part.

With the rise of the digital economy in the last few years, there are many more opportunities available for those looking to make an additional income with control over their time.

She further explained: “Direct selling companies the world over find that they are competing with the influx of flashy new businesses that offer side hustles. QNET recognises this and is focused on continuously innovating and improving its product offerings, customer experience, marketing, sales strategies, and compensation plan, to help people build a business that lasts. The QNET business is not just about earning an income, but about building a community and affecting positive change in people’s lives and their local communities.”

At the same time, the QNET Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Biram Fall said the image of QNET had been tarnished in Liberia as a result of these unwholesome acts by those personating to be officials of the company.

As such Mr. Fall said it was important that the necessary clarifications be made to ensure that QNET keep upholding its credibility as a reputable business company.

“We are open to credible business in Liberia and it is based on respect, trust in doing this business, therefore anyone found going out of the way, the company has the right to avoid doing business, because we do not support scam,” Fall stressed.

He is assured the public that QNET is finalizing processes leading to bringing its agent to Liberia soon.

He said QNET is a company that has enabled a diverse global community to rise through solutions that empower entrepreneurship and enhance lifestyles.

Accordingly, the company has helped many families through the creation of a sustainable supplementary income and has changed lives for hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets in Africa, Middle East, the Indian sub-continent, and South East Asia.

QNET, the global direct selling industry is worth more than US$180 billion and has been steadily making inroads into the Africa and Middle East regions.

In fact, both these regions are seen as the new frontier for the direct selling industry. The world body for direct selling, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), issued its annual statistical report for the year 2019 recently, showing the collective Africa & Middle East region achieved double digit growth of 11.6 per cent against the previous year.

Both sub-Saharan Africa region and the Middle East are growth markets for QNET, which most recently opened an office in Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. QNET has also had a presence in East Africa through a local entity in Rwanda for many years while the UAE has served as the company’s regional headquarters for the Middle East for nearly 15 years.