Liberia: Private Clinic Craves for Government Support; As Friends of like Minders Extends Helping Hands


MONROVIA – The AFROMED Clinic in Paynesville, a private clinic serving the 72nd Community, seems to not be happy with the government of Liberia over the Ministry of Health’s alleged failure to extend helping hands to the clinic since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Liberia.

Authorities of the clinic said since the Ministry of Health took the particulars of the clinic to receive subsidy from government in the fight of the COVID-19, government is yet to bring a single supply for the clinic.

An official of the clinic, George Singbah, said they are also involved in the fight of the virus by referring people to the treat unit whenever the signs and symptoms of the virus are noticed on any of its patients.

“Since the coronavirus started we have not received a dime from the government of Liberia though they came and took the name of our clinic for us to receive funding for our fight and efforts in fighting the virus, our clinic name was taken to benefit or get funding but we yet to get a dime since the virus outbreak,” he expressed with frustration.

Singbah said the clinic carryout minor surgery including secession and other medical operations as well as a short stay for its patients before transferring them if necessary.

He disclosed that the clinic treats about 25 persons daily and whenever it is noticed that a person has a sign and symptoms of the virus, such person is transferred or referred to the treatment unit to do the COVID-19 test.

Mr. Signbah made the disclosure to FrontPageAfrica when a local friendship group, ‘Friends of like Minders’ donated food and nonfood items to the clinic as the group way of supporting the clinic for its hard work in the health sector.

Making the donation on the group behalf, the most senior friend of the group, Barsee L. Kpangbai said the donation is his group way of saying thanks to the clinic for its contribution in the health sector throughout the years.

He told FrontPageAfrica that the AFROMED Clinic was chosen by the humanitarian committee of the group for the clinic tremendous job being done in the community.

He, however, disclosed that that his has been involved in the donation of chairs for students around Montserrado County including the Kendeja Public School, among others.

“We are all friends of like minds as the name of our group says it all, we been in existence since April 2017 and we have been in the business of helping people around, we do not just extend hands to the health sector, we also give helping hands to the education sector and we are will always be there for the less fortunate,” he said.

Among the items donated to the AFRO Medicine Clinic include tissues, cartoons of alcohol, bags of rice for the staffs, bleach (Clorox), and clean soap among others.

“We are humble to here donating these items for the clinic and its staffs who work tirelessly to ensure lives are safe here we all are here for the same goal and our goal is humanity so these few items must be used for the intended purpose,” he continued.

Speaking earlier, Wilbert Thomas, the group’s Charity Committee Chairman disclosed that his group has also carried out its donation in the R2 Community, Brewerville, and the Matadi Communities respectively.

Receiving the items on behalf of the AFROMED Clinic, the Officer In Chief (OIC) Seinee David thanked the group for their donation and disclosed that it was first donation since the establishment of the clinic.

“We highly appreciate you all for what you have done for us here today, what you have given us we haven’t received such from anyone throughout the year 2020 and we really appreciate you for your donation, it will be used for it intended purpose I promise you,” she said.

The Friends of Like-Minders are a group of friends in Liberia and the diaspora from different professional backgrounds who have grouped themselves and put their personal resources together to extend helping hands to the needy including the health and educational sector, respectively.