Liberia: Political Shock Lurks? Businessman Johnny Kpehe’s Senate Ambition Gains Momentum in Bong County


TOTOTA, Bong County – Businessman Johnny Kpehe has taken his consultative tour for his Senate ambition to the grass root as he consults with stakeholders of the 13 administrative districts of Bong County. 

The consultation metamorphosed into a carnival of sort as the people turned up en mass across Salala and Sanoyea Districts.

Johnny received a hero’s welcome last week upon his arrival in Salala District. A large crowd of enthusiastic supporters and commercial motorbike riders received Johnny at Nyanforla, the border between Margibi and Bong Counties, with songs and drumming and followed him to Maimu Town, where another large crowd had converged to receive the “Senator-in-waiting”.

Addressing supporters at the rally, Johnny said the unity of the county was a major consideration for him in taking the decision to contest as senator of Bong County.

For Johnny, the general consensus with stakeholders of the county is that he should become the next senator.

This development, he stated in his account of the tour across the district goes to show that the people have come to the realization that Bong County needs a transformative representation to meet up with its peers in other parts of the country.

Johnny reeled out his manifestos christened: “social contract with my people,” to include massive empowerment and capacity building for the youths, care for the elderly, provision of health care facilities, education for all especially the girl child through micro-credit schemes.

According to him, his programs were carefully selected to ensure a new lease of life for the people of Bong County and through the instrumentalities of quality representation and visionary leadership, maintaining he was sure they are all achievable within a short while.

“We shall establish a community-based feedback system where people meet among themselves and form a decision, transmit it through a channel to our officials and for onward consideration and actions immediately. Apart from enhancing Legislative duties, it will give everyone a sense of belonging.

He said his programs were carefully selected to ensure a new lease of life for his constituents and through the instrumentalities of quality representation, welfare and poverty alleviation programs, and visionary leadership, maintaining he was sure they are all achievable within a short while.

“I am going to the Senate to represent the entire people of Bong County and not myself, therefore, their input into my Legislative decision making will be of positive impact. Therefore, we are all together in this. A mandate for me is a mandate for all,” Johnny stated.

Speaking in Sanoyea, was the district’s lawmaker, Joseph Papa Kolleh, who noted that Johnny’s entry into the race will be a boost and a fear factor because of his positive energy, likeability factors and leadership qualities, which are very vital in the coming elections.

Rep. Kolleh explained that Johnny’s  participation in the Senatorial race has energized and motivated many stakeholders of the county and the youths spurring their sense of participation in the coming election in 2023.

Johnny’s entry changes the dynamics?

Johnny could be a real factor in a Senate race, taking into consideration his growing popularity in the county. In the words of Joseph Flomo, a popular businessman in Gbarnga, Johnny’s name is a common theme not only among the youthful population but the older folks.

“One advantage of a politician is to have a good name, and that is well Johnny’s advantage is. Everywhere you travel in Bong County, you hear positive things about this young man,” he said.

As Johnny embarks in his tour of the county, there are a lot of endorsements of his ambition by prominent stakeholders of the county, including those who had previously endorsed the senatorial ambition of District Five lawmaker Edward Karfiah.

One of those is Steve Kennedy, representative aspirant of District Five. Kennedy, who is poised to resign from the opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP), told FrontPageAfrica he has decided to support Johnny over Karfiah because of his love for county.

To Johnny’s advantage are the views held by many residents of the county of forgetting the “old order” of politics in the county. To some, this could bring fresh ideas to the politics of Bong if elected as a senator.