Liberia: First Lady Pays over L$200K in Arrears for 30 Bomi College Students


Monrovia – First Lady Clar Marie Weah has settled the arrears, amounting to two-hundred, two thousand Liberian Dollars (L$202,000), for at least thirty (30) students of agriculture at the Bomi County Community College in Tubmanburg.

Presenting the check to college’s administration in Tubmanburg on Wednesday, May 5, Mrs. Weah’s Deputy Chief of office staff, James K. Kortu, Jr. said the gesture was in response to the students’ ardent request.

During one of the First Lady’s recent visits to Tubmanburg, a group of agriculture students led by Thomas Kadi pleaded with Mrs. Weah to assist in paying their registration and other fees as they were on the verge of being thrown out of school.

Mr. Kortu said that the First Lady’s swift intervention demonstrates her commitment not only to education but also to improve the lives of less fortunate Liberians.

Mr. Kortu noted that in spite of the government’s tuition waiver at all public undergraduate institutions, the First Lady is aware that many students are still unable to pay required fees and decided to help.

In an effort to buttress President George Manneh Weah’s efforts aimed at bettering the education sector, Mr. Kortu disclosed that the First Lady remains supportive of various initiatives that seek to build the capacity of Liberians.

He however challenged the students to make the most of the opportunity by studying hard.

In response, the administration of the Bomi County Community College expressed profound gratitude to the First Lady for the overwhelming support to the institution.

The College Vice President for Administration Mr. Samuel Dunbar also thanked President George Manneh Weah for his commitment to construct fifty classrooms for the community college.

For their part, the students lauded the First Lady for coming to their aid at a time they were in dire need, noting that such intervention saved them from missing out on the entire semester.

According to the students, the administration had threatened to deny them from sitting their final semester exam if they fail to pay their arrears.

The students however assured Mrs. Weah and team of their commitment to work hard so as to make her proud.