Liberia: DKT Unveils Lydia Post Pill, Brand Ambassadors


Paynesville – DKT International, a charitable non-profit organization which focuses on providing contraceptives and safe abortion products to women and girls, on Saturday, March 6, launched it flagship signature product, Lydia Post Pill with the celebration of International Women’s Day.

The event, held at the Bamboo Beach off the Roberts International Airport Highway, was graced by several notable personalities, including the Swedish Ambassador to Liberia, Madam Ingrid Wetterqvuist, former 2017 Presidential aspirant, Macdella Cooper, officials of the Ministry of Health as well as celebrities and socialites.

Lydia Post Pill, according to DKT, was introduced in 2018. It is meant for women to stave off wanted pregnancy. Like all new products, it was relatively unheard of. However, the company said, they began a visibility exercise to various pharmacies, introducing the product as well as building the capacity of those who would be engaged into the sale thereof. The product is sold at L$200 or US$1.

Madam Ingrid Wetterqvist, Swedish Ambassador accredited to Liberia, during her opening remarks said the launching of the pill during the Women History Month is something her government is proud of.

“You can enjoy having sexual life, being safe so that you can decide when you have children, how many children you want to have and be prepared when it’s time for that.” She added that the program is under the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) being sponsored by her government via DKT and supported by the Ministry of Health.

Also speaking, the Country Manager of DKT Liberia, Antonio Turcott, said his organization is thrilled to be launching the medication whilst celebrating International Women’s Day.

“Around the globe, DKT International empowers women by promoting their sexual health and reproductive health rights—ensuring access to education about family planning methods and products. Today, we ae here to celebrate Lydia’s Post Pill official launch with a 360-maketing campaign portraying successful Liberia women who ae great role models.”

He said DKT partnered with the family health division of the Ministry of Health in 2020 to promote emergency contraceptive guidelines which allow women to access Lydia Post Pill over the counter. “So, they can have a choice to prevent an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.”

For his part, Dr. Gobee Logan, deputy Chief Medical Officer of Liberia and Assistant Minister of Health for Curative Services, said it is alarming that 38% of women pregnant are girls who are barely out of adolescent.

At the same time, the president of the Macdella Cooper Foundation and political leader of the Movement for One Liberia, Madame Macdella Cooper, said the launch of Lydia Post Pill by DKT is a form of empowerment because it gives women the option to make a choice with it comes to their bodies.

““Women for too long have been prevented or restricted from having the choice or taking the action to lead their own life or decision both in politics and the religious houses. DKT has brought empowerment to women because they can now have the freedom to make choices and take action to decide when we do nine months imprisonment and if you choose not to.”

During the program, the company unveiled its brand ambassadors to a thunderous applause. Benita Urey, operator of the Facebook Blog, The Liberian Influence, and Grace Hawa Weah, known widely as Master Queen, were selected to herald the awareness of Lydia Post Pill across the country.

The duo, in separate remarks promised to use their various platforms to champion the usage of Lydia Post Pill by women and girls who are sexually active across the country.