Liberia: Deputy EPS Director Denies Media Reports of Disrupting Academic Activities at J.J. Roberts School


MONROVIA – The Deputy Director of Executive Protective Service (EPS), Dickserson Bayo, has clarified that at no time did he disrupt normal academic activities at the J. J. Roberts School as being reported in the media.

FrontPageAfrica had reported that Bayo alias ‘Biggie’, on Monday led an array of gangs to the school to retrieve a Ford 2020 vehicle owned by a 10th Grade student named Abraham N. Willie, Jr whom he said didn’t forfeit a balance payment of US$ 2,000 to the owner of the vehicle having paid more than US$ 12,000.

And Bayo, in his reaction, said he first made contact with the school security guard to know who parked the vehicle that was in the confinement of the security guard of the school.

He said the owner of the vehicle was contacted by the security guard through the Liberian National Police that was present on the scene to effect the arrest of the vehicle.

“The outburst from this vehicle owner who didn’t forfeit his payment was: I don’t owe anyone anything and I won’t come nowhere ,” Bayo claimed Willie said on the phone when contacted by the police.

“Nobody can’t do anything to me,” Bayo added. He said the police officers were acting in response to a tipoff that the vehicle had been seen on the campus on the campus of the school after a security intelligence. 

“The owner of the vehicle refused to come to the police call and would later rain invectives at the police,” Bayo claimed.

Bayo said following hours of fruitless discussion with Willie and await that lasted for over four hours, the police officers decided to contact the Monrovia City Police to lock the tire of the vehicle and later took the vehicle to the nearest depot at Airfield (Salem Depot).

“There were no Interactions with students, there were no classes disrupted, and no sign of violence least to mention by me. I didn’t have any physical body contact with students at the school campus as was reported in the media.

“I want the public to note that I have spoken to my team of legal experts and I will be pursuing my case against this vehicle owner who didn’t forfeit his payment but choose to defame my character. This is a shocking wave for me and I repeat that the law will take it course because my repetition and character need to be protected.

“I’m a peaceful man who is a respecter of the law, and professional in discharging his security duties.”