Liberia: Bomi County Storm Victims Received Donation National Bomi County Association in the Americas, Inc.


BONG COUNTY – Some victims of Gayah Hill in Bomi County affected by a thunder storm recently received some donations from the National Bomi County Association in the Americas, Inc.

On Wednesday, the team on the ground purchased relief materials and presented them to the Gayah Hill storm victims which included: 10 bundles of zinc,70 bags of rice (25kg), 35 pieces of plastic tubs, 35 pieces of plastic buckets, 35 pieces of plastic dish pans and 2 cartons of zinc nails.

“Nearly hundred houses were affected from the storm; though it is not much, but we want you to look at the good intentions of your children towards you. We will take the message back to your children who send this donation, that there is more work to be done. This organization has intervened in providing fuel for the hospital, payment of the health workers and even supported the county team in the recent county meet,” said Mr. Charles Konneh, coordinator of the local team of the organization

Deacon Telee Browne, Chairman of the National Bomi County Association in the Americas, in his written message, said the organization was very troubled when they heard of the natural disaster that had occurred leaving their people homeless. Therefore, they in the US put together to donate relief supplies to the Gayah Hill storm disaster victims, because it is their root and they are identifying with them in times of need.

He said the first phase of donation is valued around $3000, USD. He expressed profound thanks and appreciation to the Liberian Government and Liberian National Red Cross for coming to the aid of the storm victims. And said such timely aid brought a big relief to the already suffering victims. 

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank the administration and management teams for the  smooth implementation, and biggest thanks goes to the donors,” Said Deacon Browne 

Town Chief, Bobby Browne of Gayah Hill said the disaster took place around 11 p.m. and it took them three days to clear up the aftermath.

“We say thank you to our children who thought about us, and this should not be the first and the last time identifying with us,” he said