Liberia: Artus Frank Accepts Petition To Contest as Representative for Montserrado County District 7


Monrovia – Residents of Monsterrado’s Seventh electoral district have endorsed Ambassador Gregory Artus Frank, and openly vowed to work to ensure his victory as representative in this year’s presidential and legislative elections.

The residents also extended the endorsement to President George Weah, who is seeking re-election.

Selma Lomax, [email protected]

They explained that the endorsement of Frank was a collective decision by zonal heads, community leaders, and elders in the district and a genuine conviction of his political will, necessary courage and capacity in uniting all components of residents of the district.

Describing Frank as a thoroubred nationalist and detribalized politician who does not operate on the basis of ethnicity, region or religion, the residents believe Frank’s ascendency would elevate the status of the district, and attract the dividends of democracy to the district.

Resident Cyrus David said, “We therefore owe it a duty to work to ensure Frank’s victory in the coming elections in view of his inspiring leadership and untiring efforts to keep the flames of our dedication to the interests of the people of electoral district seven.

“Today, we are proud to boldly endorse the candidature of this great statesman, whose patriotism and unwavering commitment to the interests of the people electoral district seven, and residents of district seven as a whole has few parallels in our nation.”

David then urged residents of the district to reject the tradition of lining up to receive handouts to abandon their future, and choose instead, to install a leadership under Frank that will make them more secure and provide their children with a productive future.

“He is a passionate believer of the organic links between generations and always available for the young people, the aged, and it is no exaggeration when the we see him as a dependable ally, a guardian, a living history and an embodiment of all exemplary qualities of leadership,” he stated.

Responding, Frank commended residents of the district for turning up en masse to declare support for him, saying their actions represent a solid endorsement of his excellence and a sealed assurance of victory.

“For several years, when I was abroad brandishing the flag of Liberia in the entertainment sector, I never thought this day will come, where people will choose a new career path for me,” he said.

“I was born right here on Randall Street. I attended and graduated from JJ Ross memorial high school. I lived my entire life in District 7. From Johansson, West-Point, Front Street, Ashmun Street and Randall Street.”

The Artus you see standing here today, was never born with silver spoon in his mouth, and this is why I always say to people, “it’s just the matter of time, keep pushing and the Almighty God will lift you up.” Be humble in your life, respect your elders, and always pray to God Almighty. I hustled like anyone of you. I was a strapper, just like some of you. I was a yonder boy, a value boy and a taxes driver right here in District Seven.”

Frank said he is proud to bring back home the Face of Africa Award. “I came back to serve my country. I became the president of the Liberia Movie Union and the Chairman of the National Collective Society where I made significant impacts in the separate institutions,” he said.

Frank said his decision to accept a petition from residents of District Seven had taken him months to decide on whether residents were really frank in their quest. “When I first began to receive petitions, these were all questions I asked myself. I assured you that there are many ways to tackle those issues; beginning from Lawmaking, oversight, and to representation. Many people also asked the most popular question, “what have you done? What Frank Artus has done in our district?” 

“Let us stop asking: “What have you done?” and begin to ask the necessary question: “Can this person represent me? What difference can he make in the house of legislature? What new is he bringing to the table? Is he a better lawmaker? Will he push our concerns to the house of legislature for immediate intervention?” These are questions, that when answered properly, the district will have the proper representation and the district will prosper ahead of others.”