Liberia: Accountability Lab to Launch Integrity School


Monrovia – The Coordinator of Accountability Lab Liberia (ALL) Lawrence Yealue has disclosed to FrontPageAfrica that the organization is planning to launch the first integrity school in the country.

Report by Jackson F. Kanneh, [email protected]

Speaking to this paper over the weekend, Yealue said the integrity school, which will be launch in January of next year, would hugely focus on building the integrity of government officials as well as people from the private sector.

He said Liberia is face with huge integrity issues from all sectors of the society, which he hopes will be addressed by the time the ALL integrity school is launch in Liberia. 

According to Yealu, all citizens should take integrity issues very seriously if they want to see a total transformation in their country.

He disclosed that the upcoming integrity school will basically be involved in administering integrity test to all institutions operating in Liberia as well as international institutions as a means of providing a safe working society for the people of Liberia.

“How do we build active citizens and responsible leaders in the country? That is why we will be coming up with accountability integrity school by January which basically will be a integrity school that government, civil society organizations, international partners and private institutions can benefit from, giving integrity test to their staffs so that we can together make Liberia better,” he said.

He suggested that in order for Liberia to progress as a post war nation, Liberians should look at corruption not only as a ‘government thing’, but rather as something that is in every sectors in the country. 

He urged Liberians to look at integrity from the family before reaching out to the larger society if they are serious about fighting corruption in the fabric of the society. 

Yealue said integrity is the greatest challenge facing the development of Liberia.

“When we say corruption in this country, we should stop talking governmental corruption first, people should start talking family corruption. So, if you want to start discussing anti- corruption here; we got to get to the family and as well talk to kids in school. 

We got to make sure that we developed the integrity of a person from home before coming to the society,” Yealue noted.

The Accountability Lab boss challenge government officials and the business community in Liberia to focus their activities on improving Liberia with what they have to their disposal instead of depending on the donor community. He at the same time called on the government of Liberia to follow the example of country like Rwanda by investing in the younger generation of the country.

“We need to start challenging ourselves as a people and government instead of always depending on the international community. Young people in this country need to be supported in every way not just financially but mentally. More mental support will give the young people of this country the confidence and once people have confidence they can go into any field knowing that they got people that back them,” Yealue averred.