‘I Want to Die and Be Cremated in Liberia’ – Former Indian Honorary Consul-General to Liberia “Jetty”


MONROVIA – Barely few days after being recalled from diplomatic service, the former Indian Honorary Consul General to Liberia, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, has vowed to continue to live and work in Liberia to help combat against hunger and improve the living conditions of Liberians through his multiple humanitarian initiatives.

Mr. Sachdeva who is commonly known as “Jeety” in Liberia, is also the Chief Executive Office (CEO) of the Jeety Trading Corporation-a premier dealer of building and household materials, and scores of other businesses operating in the country.

It can be recalled that the Government of India, through its Embassy near Abidjan, La Cote D’Ivoire, recently retired Mr. Sachdeva as its Consul General to Liberia-a position he held for 22 years.

In a letter dated February 5, 2021 and addressed to Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, a copy which is in the possession of Frontpage Africa, the Indian government also withdraw the Letter of Commission appointing Mr. Sachdeva as Honorary Consul with immediate effect.

The Indian government, through its Embassy in La Cote D’Ivoire pointed out that Mr. Sachdeva will “cease to function as Honorary Consul General of India with immediate effect”, while at the same time requesting for the opening of its Embassy in Liberia

“The Embassy of India in Abidjan has further honour to express to express the Government of India’s sincere appreciation to the Government of Liberia for all the cooperation extended to Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva while serving as Honorary Consul General of Indian to Liberia”.

But Mr. Sachdeva vowed that though he has been retired from serving his country as a Diplomat, he remains committed to serving humanity in Liberia and the world at large when the need arises.

He gave the assurance when he presented hot cooked meal, 1500 spoons, plates, juice and sachets of mineral water each to inmates and convicts at the famous Monrovia Central Prison.

He pointed out that he remains “obsessed to serving humanity” and providing assistance to the needy in Liberia.

“We have come with 1500 pieces each of juice, sachets of mineral water, along with hot cooked food which will be more than sufficient for the number of inmates you have. I am again here very happy to identify ourselves with our brothers and sisters who are in prison”.

He disclosed that his support to the Monrovia Central Prison will be carried out at least once every month.

Mr. Sachdeva added that though prisoners are being reprimanded or contained, they should not be forgotten.

Liberia is my home

“Jeety” pointed out that his decision to continuously engage into rendering humanitarian services and contributions to Liberia and its citizens for several years, was not made because he was a foreign Diplomat.

“I was doing humanitarian works not because I was Honorary Consul General; it was my own personal gesture. I was using and I am now using my own personal funds. I served my country for over two and the half decades and at the same time I was doing humanitarian works”.

“Liberia is my home; I am living here and I want to live here. And even when I die, I want to be cremated in Liberia. This is my home and I will continue my humanitarian works with whatever little way I can do. I started the food distribution February 24, 2017 and this has nothing to do with my position”.

Since the launched of “Jeety’s” hot cooked meal initiative, less fortunate Liberians, old folks, visually impaired, among others, continue to either trooped at his offices in Vai Town, or wait at various hospitals or street corners to receive a plate of food, water, and juice during the early evening hours.

Other plans

But despite the huge efforts being applied to help reduce the high rate of hunger in Liberia, Mr. Sachdeva has promised to venture into additional initiatives in Liberia.

Though he did not state a specific plan, but there are reports that the former Indian Honorary Consul General is planning to construct or establish a rehabilitation center in Monrovia to help rehabilitate and cater to less fortunate Liberians and disadvantaged youths.

In Liberia, disadvantaged youths are commonly known as “zogos”.

“I have other plans in mind. Since God has been blessing me and he has given me opportunities, you will soon here the next stage of my humanitarian works. It will not only be hot cooked food, but it will be something else on the way coming”.

Receiving the food and items donated, the Superintendent of the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP), Varney Lake, commended “Jeety” for the gesture.

“This is not strange, Jeety has done it for us and he keeps doing it. On behalf of the administration of the Bureau of Corrections in collaboration with the inmates in custody, we are thankful and gratified to receive these things today. We want to take this time to say thank you to you and your entourage”.