Catholic Relief Service Donates Chairs to Right To Play


Paynesville – The Catholic Relief Service (CRS), a charitable organization, known for its cordiality, has donated 25 plastic chairs and other assorted items to the Right To Play Recreation Center in Paynesville city.

Report by Jaheim T Tumu, [email protected]

CRS-Liberia Head of Program, Mary Beth Molin said the program marks the second global CRS Community Day, where CRS staff around the world work in service and solidarity with people they serve on community projects. 

The CRS-Liberia in observance of the day, carried out cleaning up activities and painting initiative on the interior and exterior parts of the Right To Play Recreation Center.  

According to Molin, the 25 plastic chairs donated to the management of the youth center will be used for their “mini-conference room.”

Molin further said this year’s edition of the program is specifically focused on youth and something that could better the youths of Liberia.

 “We are making a donation of chairs and other materials through to the youth center here and we are also providing service to the youth center by painting main recreation center room,” Molin said. 

“This year, we decided to focus on youth and something that could better the youth of Liberia and we chose this community center in partnership with youth and sports,” Molin said.

Madam Molin added “We show small gesture to demonstrate our commitment to Liberia youth because we are deeply committed to the youth of Liberia. So, we think the youths of Liberia are really the future and we want to be part of the future story of Liberian youths.” 

Receiving the items, the Town Chief of King Gray Township, Byron Y Clinton lauded CR-Liberia for the gesture but said since he took charge of the leadership in 2016, no organization has provided chairs to the center. 

“We are very grateful from this gesture from CRS.  Normally, the little fund we generate from program from the hall that what we used sometimes paint the building up to date but such of gesture I have not seen it,” Mr. Clinton said. 

“It is great gesture especially the chairs, the painting to give the interior and exterior face lift because lot of time young people come here for job opportunities.” 

“Whenever it raining, they have to come inside and sometimes no seat to sit and they have to be standing but with this at least they will be able to sit and wait for the rain,” Clinton noted.