Alliance for Transitional Justice Promises to Defeat Impunity in Liberia

Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia administered the oath to Rt. Rev. Dr. D, Jensen Seyenkulo, Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr. and Jeremiah S. Swen, officials of ATJ

Monrovia – The Alliance for Transitional Justice (ATJ), a rights group consists of 16 institutions drawn from civil society organizations, faith-based, legal, educational and research, women/youth focus and networks of massacre survivors’ related institutions have agreed to defeat impunity in the country.

On June 12, 2018, the name, Alliance for Transitional Justice was adopted to advocate for the full and timely implementation of the 2009 Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report.

Since the establishment of the ATJ, the institution was able to hold it first inaugural ceremony on Sunday, May 19, at the St. Stephen Trowen Nagbe United Methodist Church 13th Street, Sinkor, Tubman Boulevard.

Speaking at the induction ceremony, the Secretary of the National Technical Advisory Working Group, Jeremiah S. Swen, said since the inception of the TRC Report of 2009, there had been no strong commitment for the full implementation of the recommendations.

Building local cohesion and with ownership, and enhancing strategic partnership with international institutions for the full implementation of the 2009 TRC Recommendations and the timely establishment of an Extraordinary Tribunal on War Crimes; Provision of health and social services for extreme victims of the civil crisis (especially massacre’s survivors), and the construction of a National War Victims Memorial are the thematic areas ATJ’s policy and program is focusing on.

According to Swen, government’s non-compliance posture toward the TRC report has deeply been regarded as disrespectful to international treaties.  

“The action of the leadership in government, we believed contradicts the confident and trust reposed prior to their ascendancy. They were elected by popular mandate of the population, so we ask them to listen and lead by the expectation of the people,’’ ATJ founder said.

Swen added: ’’The Alliance for Transitional Justice – Liberia directly or through her respective member institutions, has championed the call for justice – led peaceful assemblies and petition our government for the establishment of an Extraordinary Tribunal on War Crimes as enshrined in the TRC Report. ’’

The ATJ founder added: “That the probe into the national fiscal administration of the country resources, especially for the missing Liberian billions, the unaccountable mob-up exercise millions; supersonic construction and wealth accumulation among public officials. These are tough times, worrisome national nightmares and chaotic elements that deplete our nation’s character is shameful,” he said.

According to Swen, they have started a working relationship with United States Senator Todd Young of Indiana to introduce and sponsor of H.RES 1055 passed by the US House of Representative on November 13, 2018, and for the US Senate to concord and pass into law by the Government of the United States of America.

“Liberia is a founding member of the United Nations, and member of the global community, so we expect our leadership to honor and respect international treaties and resolution(s) signed in the interest of humanity,” he said.