Liberia: One-Month-Old Baby Finally Amputated after Alleged Medical Malpractice


Monrovia – A month-old baby boy born at the Redemption Hospital June 9, 2018, who risked amputation due to alleged medical malpractice at the hands of Redemption’s nurse, was amputated above the ankle over the weekend at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Report by Mae Azango, [email protected]

The Sesay family, who alleged they were denied the child’s medical report by the Redemption hospital for a second opinion in order to save the child’s foot, was left with no choice but to sign a consent form for the amputation of the child’s foot.

Lusene V. Sesay, uncle of the ill child, said the family went to the JFK hospital to sign the document for the amputation and the surgeon had promised to only amputate the baby’s toes, which did not have any life in them.

According to him, they found out later that he amputated above the child’s ankle.

“We are very disappointed in JFK and Redemption for their medical malpractices on a month and eight-day-old baby, which led to them criminally amputating the minor. They provided false information to the family,” Sesay stated.

He urged the relevant state agency to come to the child’s aid.

Sesay explained that on June 22, when the baby and mother were transferred to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital, authorities at Redemption knew they had blundered, and were looking for an escape route. He stated that when they got to JFK and upon viewing the child’s leg, doctors told the parents that the drug had damaged the child’s foot and it could only be saved through amputation.

 “I would say this was a set up to kill the child, because why would Redemption hospital wait until the 22nd to refer the child to JKF and not transfer the child around the 12th of June, when the swelling had just occurred three days after the child’s birth? Now Redemption on the other hand has been so arrogant towards us and had the nerves to tell us they owe us no explanation when we were trying to get the child’s medical report,” Sesay lamented.

According to the child’s father, Mohammed Sesay, who spoke to this newspaper before the amputation, Baby Boy Sesay’s ordeal occurred right after his birth, when a nurse on the ward, tied a plastic glove on the child’s one leg to administer a drug in his vein but when he could not find the vein he moved to the head of the child, where he found the vein and administered the drug, but left the glove tied on the child’s leg for three days, hence causing it to swell and change color.

Sesay furthered explained that all attempts made by the mother to get the nurses to untie the child’s leg proved futile until after three days, when the child’s swollen leg had turned green.

Redemption administrator has been shying away from journalist, after asking journalist to call him after an hour on last Thursday.

With the child’s leg amputated, the family is seeking help from kindhearted individuals and medical institutions to help Baby Boy Sesay any way medically to get him a prosthetic leg to improve his condition. The child’s uncle, Lusene Sesay can be reached at (00231) 770-351-075.