Liberia Women Forum Wants Stakeholders Tune Down Rhetoric & Maintain Peace

Liberia Women Forum calls on the Liberian government and Save the State Protest Planners to stop the dirty politics

Monrovia – Liberia Women Forum (LWF), a woman’s advocacy group, is appealing to the main stakeholders on the Liberian political landscape to tune down the political rhetoric that has heightened over the last few days.

LWF President, Mrs. Kadi C. Porte, who spoke with this newspaper in an exclusive interview, stressed that the harsh words from both sides in the last few weeks have heightened so badly that it could scare away the few investors who are braving the storm to create employment for Liberians.

“There is a lot of negative rhetoric coming from both sides of the divide. Our people who are major stakeholders should tune down the harsh language. These types of comments contribute to the narrative that the country is too unsafe,” she stated.

She further stated that the harsh language is not going to help the nation but are only going to send the nation further back into the abyss of despair.

While Mrs. Porte called on the Liberian Government of President George Weah to respect the rights of those planning the so-called #SavetheState protest, she also cautioned the “Council of Patriots”, the umbrella organization under which the June 7 protest is being planned, to truly “savethestate” by respecting the law of the land and their fellow Liberians.

“It is the right of citizens to demonstrate or protest for what they think is right. But let me beg them to go about their protest in a way that it won’t harm or hurt other Liberians who are not going to be involved in the protest action,” Mrs. Porte cautioned.

The head of the women advocacy group emphasized that the peace Liberians have enjoyed over the last 15 years should continually be maintained by everyone regarded of their present status in the country and government.

“Those in power and those planning the protest should think about our blind folks, the women and elderly and even the children. Whenever there is any uprising or civil upheaval, it will be these poor people in these categories that bear the brunt of the situation,” she advised.

Mrs. Porte also called on the international community to not only sit and watch what’s about to happen in the country, but to step in now and call all sides to the discussion table to find a common way forward.