Liberia: The Journalist with the ‘Nightingale’s Voice’, Yede Allison, Laid to Rest


MONROVIA – Renowned Liberian Journalist Yede Ebony Allison has been laid to rest at the Breweville cemetery in district # 17, outside Monrovia.

Madam Allison died at the Star Base Treatment Center on the Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia on June 20, 2021. She was 53.

Mourners, including family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, workmates, church members, among others trooped at the St. Moses Funeral Home on Friday, July 2, 2021 to pay their last respect to the fallen Liberian journalist.

Prior to her demise, Madam Allison was a member of the Zion Grove Baptist Church and an employee of ECOWAS Radio in Brewerville and Monrovia respectively.

In a life reflection, the son of the deceased Richelieu Russell

When the news of her death broke out, scores of her workmates, fans, government officials and others took to the social media to pay tributes to the fallen Liberian journalist.

“I have always felt I was a man strong enough until I saw your remains being lowered in the grave . I am broken Yede E Allison. You were not just a workmate. You were a mother figure” Romeo J. Togba, employee of ECOWAS Radio stated after the funeral and burial.

“So sad, RIP. You will be missed dearly”, Augustine Hamelberg former employee of ECOWAS Radio stated.

Jassa Major: “You will surely be missed Yede. You labored in God’s vineyard now go and get your crown”.

“Today is a sad day as we bid farewell to our dear friend Yede. Take your sweet rest Yede. Your memories will always live on” Melissa Annan, former employee of Inquirer stated.

Dr. Kimmie Weeks: “As you are laid to rest tomorrow, may your soul rest in peace big sister Yede E Allison. Until we meet again”.

“The iron-lady of journalism. Sleep well the mother’s of melody, legend and the master of turning the phrase, your extraordinary voice was something different. Yede E. Allison lived her life the way she wanted it and read news stories on a professional and amazing leve., Liberia and Whole ECOWAS Radio 91.5FM family gonna missed you. Journalism is loved in heaven mama. Rest on Legend and the god of melody,” Amara Konneh, Jr. writes.

“This one breaks my heart. Oh death! I haven’t met Veteran Journalist Yede Allison before, but she has been a distant mentor back in the days in High School,2005-2007 respectively. Growing up as a kid,I saw that the passion I had then in the journalism profession was something insatiable and needed time for some growth, development and exposure in the field. I have later begun to report and write in news papers and during some script writings for my school, participated and recruited during the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting,ICDB organized by UNMiL radio in 2005 through a competitive process”, Assistant Agriculture Minister Alvin Wesseh stated.

He continued: “Given that my earlier development was fast seen in the kind of interest taken in the profession,this led me to have subsequently become the chief editor and President of the James Doe Young Assembly of God High School’s press club,’ as in, Voice of Scorpion”.In that same time and being president of the Voice of Scorpion of the James Doe Young Assembly of God High School,the school’s Administration saw it with prudence to register the press club, ‘Voice of Scorpion’ on the famous Star Radio on the program entitled,Star High School report”.

“Like ICDB on UNMiL radio,star High School report became a hub for breeding young and professional Liberian Journalists at all secondary institutions and fortunately we, ‘Voice of Scorpion’ of the James Doe Young Assembly of God High School, became a prime participant during the program and leading press club with excellent skills in news gathering, news writing, editing, communication and news casting. As a high school student one of my hobbies was to listen to news and my favorite radio station then was UNMIL radio where Veteran Journalist Yede Allison inspired me and thousand of young men and women who were interested and desiring of becoming professional Journalists. For the records,all throughout my Life time, I didn’t meet her in person. But just by listening to the eloquence in the fast standard English version of her voice during news time could fill my stomach and make me go to bed sound. I could not afford to miss her time she had to read on UNMiL radio as a distant mentee, because I have always wanted to be that kind of fast,eloqent reader/news caster as in the late Veteran Journalist in Yede Allison. Veteran Journalist Yede Allison’s voice was an inspiration and powerful instrument in my earlier childhood development,though we never knew one another but her memory lives on with us as a legendary female journalist” he concluded.

Madam Allison will be missed by her family members, friends, neighbors, workmates, church members, fans and others for her smartness, humbleness, respectfulness, simplicity, dedication to the work of God, and most of all-her early morning nightingale voice on the news and other famous programs on ECOWAS Radio including ‘Yor Morning, Every Day Talk, and Coffee Break’