Liberia: Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence Pays Homage to Late Husband One Year Following His Untimely Demise

Representative Adolph Lawrence met his untimely death on March 24, 2019. He was 51 on that day

MONROVIA – Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence, Political Leader of the Liberty Party and widow of the late Rep. Adolph Lawrence (District #15, Montserrado County) said her fallen husband was fearless, determined and consistent.

In an emotional tribute on what could be her late husband’s 51st birthday, Senator Karngar-Lawrence said, he is not only being remembered as a man who died in the midst of the fight for justice and the wellbeing of all Liberians but a servant who never missed the opportunity to serve.

“Today, as I celebrate my husband on March 24th the day he was born and the day he died, I want to remember him as a patriotic Liberian Who died in the midst of his fight for justice and the rule of law, for the wellbeing of Liberians, and equal rights,” she said.

“He was fearless, determined and consistent. He would stand alone if no one stood with him for the right reasons. He is also remembered as a servant -a man who didn’t want to be served and never missed the opportunity to serve.”

Rep. Lawrence died in a fatal car crash on March 24, 2019, his 50th birthday.

He had gone to join with his wife in her hometown of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to celebrate his golden jubilee.

The celebration would mark the last time the couple spent together as his vehicle ran into a packed truck on the Robertsfied Highway, while returning to Monrovia; instantly killing him and an occupant of the car and leaving several injured.

Mr. Lawrence, a geologist, was a member of the House of Representatives from 2012 up to his death in 2019. Besides the Land, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment committee, Rep. Lawrence also served on the Investment and Concessions and Youth and Sports and the Committee on Contracts and Monopolies.

Following the election of his wife as Senator of Grand Bassa County in 2014, they became the first legislative couple in the history of Liberia.

Since his demise, families, friends and his constituents continue to miss him, as demonstrated by his widow in her tribute one year after his death.

An Excerpt of Senator Karngar-Lawrence’s tribute: “He touched and impacted the lives of many people, he was the most common and simplest man I have known in my life. 

He was a geologist and a politician, we made the first Legislative couple in Africa and probably the world, as a Senator and a representative in the Liberian Legislature.  We made a great team and believed in ourselves.

He was a good husband and father who loved and cared for his children and his wife very dearly -excellent family man. 

He didn’t value anything material and nothing was too good for him to give away. Humanity is his legacy and I have learned from the celebration of his life by thousands of people that the greatest man can be a simple and common man, a man who understood that the most important thing in life is how you treat other people. 

I love you and you will live in my heart forever, God sent you to love and cherish me as you always said, and you did! And you also did those things I needed the most in my life. To God be the Glory!”