Liberia: House Probes How MNG Gold Obtained License for Underground Mining


MONROVIA – The House of Representatives Committee on Concession and Natural Resources says it has investigated and established that the Ministry of Mines has given authorization to MNG Gold to carryout underground mining in its place of operations.

The initial term of the underground mining authorization falls within the timeframe of the current Class ‘A’ mining license.

According to Representative Clarence Massaquoi (UP- Lofa County), who is chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Concession and Natural resources, they are investigating the procedure use by the Ministry to give such permit.

“It was established that the Ministry of Mines gave them the authorization to do underground mining. What we are doing now is to establish the conditions, environmental requirement, business plans, the geological studies and findings.”

In an interview with FrontPageAfrica, he said, the Ministry actions to grant permit is legal but the conditions leading to such awarding of the permit is what being investigate. “If it is established that the awarding of the permit has a fault, whatever was not done illegally was not done at all.”

On July 20, 2020, the Ministry of Mines granted to MNG Gold authorization to carryout underground mining for gold. In 2015, a Class ‘A’ mining License to MNG which was in compliance with, the terms and conditions of the class a mining License.

 In the new agreement, Minister Gesler Murray who is the Minister of Mines and Energy justified that MNG possesses the technical skills, experience, and financial resource to permit it to carryout underground mining operations in keeping with the requirements  of a Class ‘A’ mining License,  the mineral  and Mining law and related regulations.

“Whereas, the Minister is satisfied that the Concessionaire possesses the technical skills, experiences, and the financial resources to permit it to carry out underground mining operations in keeping with the requirements of a Class A Mining License, the mineral and Mining Law and related regulations.”

Minister Murray in defense of his action said, In accordance with the minerals  and Mining Law, the  minister has  the power to grant the Concessionaire a Class ‘A’ mining License as contemplated in the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA, and to permit the Concessionaire to conduct underground mining operations as contemplated by the MDA.

“Now therefore in consideration of the premise, the mutual promises made by and between the Government and the Concessionaire and the terms and conditions herein contained it is hereby provided  that; the Minister hereby grants the Concessionaire authorization to conduct underground mining operations within the Class A Mining License area of the Korkoya operations, together with related privileges.