Liberia: ‘Executive Horn’ Dies in Presidential Motorcade Accident


Monrovia – Gabriel Wilson, commonly known as Executive Horn, along with a lady identified as Victoria Wlue who was on board the vehicle belonging to the former Solicitor General Micah Wilkins Wright have been confirmed dead in a fatal car crash involving President George Weah’s motorcade.

The accident occurred on the Gbarnga-Monrovia highway Sunday afternoon.

The accident left 12 members of the presidential press corps seriously injured and were admitted at the Phebe Hospital in Gbarnga.

FrontPageAfrica has gathered that two of persons have been transferred to Monrovia for treatment due to the severity of their condition.

A doctor at the Phebe Hospital told FrontPage Africa that the lack of drugs at the central region’s referral hospital is a big impediment to the treatment of the journalists at the hospital.

Blowing horn for a living

In an exclusive interview with FrontPageAfrica in 2017, Executive Horn said he began blowing the traditional horn behind Presidents of Liberia when William V.S. Tubman was President and William R. Tolbert, Samuel K. Doe, Charles Taylor, the five men council, Gyude Bryant, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and then George Weah.

“This horn has message, there is a way when I blow it, people from Maryland will know the mood of the occasion. If the president is speaking during a joyous occasion, my kinsmen will understand and when someone dies and I blow it, they will also understand it is a sorrowful period,” he told FrontPageAfrica.

He said none of his three sons were interested in taking after him, calling his craft ‘old fashioned’.

“They said it’s old fashioned yet, it is the old-fashioned job sending them to school and feeding them. Since my children do not want to learn the art, I am presently training a boy from my home to take after me,” he added.

Mae Azango and Selma Lomax contributed to this report