Liberia: CDC Lawmaker Debunks Allegations Linking Him to Dismissal of Officials Who ‘Snubbed’ Ruling Party in December 8 Polls


Capitol Hill, Monrovia – Representative Ivar K. Jones (CDC, Disrict #2, Margibi County) has sharply reacted to allegations that he and other stalwarts of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) are behind the dismissal of several public officials assigned in Margibi for not supporting him in the December 8 Special Senatorial Elections.

Rep. Jones contested on the ticket of the CDC and came second in the polls that saw former House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay returning to the Legislature as Senator of Margibi County.

Following the elections, several public officials in the county have been dismissed, and their sackings have been linked to the ruling party’s stalwarts from the county.

The allegation was accentuated during the January 9, 2021 post-election dialogue hosted by the Liberia Media Democratic Institute (LMDI) when Senator Nuquay pleaded with Education Minister Ansu Sonii and Rep. Jones to reinstate the former Principal of the Harbel Multilateral High School, Madam Louise Reeves, Gbenwein Public School Principal Levitcus Kollie and Ruben Washington of the Water and Sewer Corporation, Kakata Station to their respective positions.

According to Senator Nuquay, Madam Reeves in particular was removed when she provided the grounds of the Harbel Multilateral High School to host a rally organized for him on August 24, 2020 after Firestone Management has earlier refused to allow his team use its facility.

He said for genuine reconciliation to be achieved, all parties needed to “disarm their hearts and stop the witch-hunt” as being displayed by the conduct of the CDC in Margibi.

But Rep. Jones, speaking to reporters at his Capitol Building office said the allegation levied against him was a “barefaced lie.”

“I believe that the newly elected Senator is in campaign mood, and perhaps he feels that he will scapegoat Ivar K. Jones on those promises he made,” Rep. Jones said.

“And we will not stay here to be used as a scapegoat by anyone because we remain committed to doing the Margibi people’s job that we sign up for and that’s we are doing. So, to hear a Senator who was just elected by the people, coming up to say a peaceful Representative in Ivar K. Jones will instigate the removal of citizens that I have stood up for, for years from their positions- that is lie.”  

He revealed that following the accusation against him, he immediately contacted the County Education Officer of Margibi and was told that Madam Reeves was dismissed because she presented a fake credential while Kollie was fired because of hiking students’ fees.

FrontPage Africa was not successful in getting comments from these officials as calls placed to them via mobile phones did not go through.

Meanwhile, Rep. Jones also accused Senator Nuquay of masterminding the removal of several citizens of Margibi who did not support his candidacy and party while he served as a member and Speaker of the House of Representatives.