Tunes Liberia hosts 2nd Annual Music Awards


Monrovia – Hailed as Liberian premier music promotion online Tunes Liberia is gearing to host its second annual music awards in Monrovia.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, bettie[email protected]

“Pekin, da” is the common precursor heard on almost every radio station before the next hottest Liberian song plays.

The second edition sees new categories including Best Online Blog, Best Dj Singles, Most Promising Act to Watch, Best Fan Army, Best Club DJ, and Best Radio DJ.

Other categories include Video Director of the Year, Best New Artist, Song of the year, Comedian of the Year, Producer of the Year, Traditional/Gbema Artist of the Year

Elvis Juasemai, Tunes Liberia CEO and founder said the event will take place this Saturday at Monrovia City Hall theatre.

Juasemai said Saturday’s event is the second of a series of programs in promoting Liberian arts through music.

According to him, since 2015, his group has continued to host and promote Liberian music at no cost. However, awarding hard working artists he said, would further bring competition and further improvement to the industry.

“The artists now are really working; day and night they are putting their efforts together, and the fans too are really supporting,” he said.

He told FPA that the ceremony will bring a boost to the music industry in the country by perfectly aligning with the Liberia Music Awards. Several activities, including live performances and meet-and-greets.

He said performing artist include Kizzy-W, MC Caro, J-Slught among several artists.

Speaking on income-generating strategies for recording artists, Juasemai said not much is currently being realized because the entertainment industry is still underdeveloped.

However, he believes providing better promotion for Liberian music would help sell the artists and improve the industry.

“The money will come. We just got to work for now,” he emphasized.

Juasemai said his dream has always been to create and foster a company’s mission to drive a dramatic growth through providing exposures, promoting and marketing environment where artists, producers, promoters and DJs in Liberia are appreciated for their works and supports to the industry.

“I believe we will bring change to the country but need the full support of both private and Government sectors,” He said.

Orange is the major sponsor and Monrovia City Corporation is the major partner.