The Phenomenon of DenG’s Musical Career


Monrovia – By now, it’s no longer news that Liberian songster, DenG just concluded one leg of his American music tour with a grand concert in Washington DC which saw a massive turnout of fans from different races and walks of life.

In the stead of his highly successful concert organized by 231 Media, the singer has topped the headlines of some ranking Liberian tabloids with his victorious tour as the message of their posts. There is no question; this musical phenomenon is putting the Liberian sound on the map.

Soon the buzz of the DenG groundbreaking US tour will take the back stage and the Liberian press will focus on the trends and in its wake, the death of an opportunity that should have been milked to its full potential.

Unlike other booming African entertainment industries, our industry has a lot to learn as it regards publicity and the use of social media to send out a unified message of support. Like ace Liberian music critic and blogger, Berenice Mulubah constantly emphasizes, the Liberian music stars overlook the role of the media or its influence in the propelling of their musical career.

However, the no love lost relationship between the two power houses of growth has ensured that the music industry suffers stunted growth leaving Liberians focused on a more successful industry- Sports.

It comes as no surprise that Liberians celebrate every Lonestar victory like it was an individual one. The theory isn’t a difficult mathematical problem.

It all points to the place of unity. Liberians understand that every Lonestar win is a win for Liberia. Can’t the same go for its artists?

Just as Liberians celebrate their sports champs, the awareness that Liberian culture is being spread through the music of Liberian artists should equally be celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, our artists are getting accolades but compared to what happens outside the motherland, we are faced with an utterly different ballgame.

In DenG’s appreciation speech, the singer made a valid point. While thanking his fans and the media for their support over the years, the singer revealed that his management has initiated collaborations between some Nigerian artists and him.

He observed a strategy only recently gaining grounds in our industry. According to him, Nigerian music Stars thrive on International and Pan – African collaborations which ultimately builds the much required publicity.

Asides the PR point, the advantages are enormous, some ranging from an exchange of culture to talent and fan ship base. DenG revealed that when he discovered this, he and his management doubled efforts to work on making collaborative hits with African and international stars.

However what he also did not mention is the media’s flexibility and willingness to support A-list artists almost always pro- bono. A culture we can also improve on.

The bad blood between the media and the artists has gone on for too long and with it, the increased slow pace of the industry’s growth.

Undoubtedly the phenomenon that is DenG is an untapped resource that has been under-looked for so long but with each achievement, DenG convinces the Thomas’s that he isn’t just your regular artist but an entertainer with a lot to offer the Liberian music industry and the world.

If the industry can face and accept change, its growth will accelerate like the speed of light. If the vices of disunity between the industry giants can also be resolved, this wind of change will bring in its wake an era of internationally recognized Liberian musical brands.