Liberia: Ministry of Education Warns against Arbitrary Hike in School Fees and Tuition


MONROVIA – In order to standardize and improve the educational system of the Republic of Liberia for quality and affordable education for all without discrimination, the Ministry of Education is seriously warning against the arbitrary hike in school fees and tuition across the country as the country prepares for the reopening of schools for the new academic year 2020/2021.

The Ministry is encouraging all Private school administrators including Faith-based School Secretariats to adhere to the following directives:
All schools are required to submit a request for approval from the Ministry of Education for any upward adjustment in the fees or tuition using the last academic year as a baseline. Such request must be accompanied by justification with tangible evidence.

All schools throughout the Republic of Liberia must make available the samples of their uniforms at their various campuses for voluntary purchase by students or parents but not compulsory.

The purchase of uniforms and apparels must be strictly on a voluntary basis. No school should mandate parents or students to purchase their items from their campuses otherwise risk being levied sale taxes and all Duty-free privileges revoked

All Private schools must reveal all fees and tuition including Graduation fees from the beginning of the Academic year to avoid further embarrassment.

Henceforth, following the review and assessment of the school’s proposal for increment, the Ministry of Education will approve or decline through an official written communication to your institution for notification.

The Ministry insists that Private schools will be severely penalized for unjustifiable increment if the additional fees do not commensurate with service(s) provided by said institution.

However, the public is encouraged to report or call 1416 for any would be violator of these regulations mentioned above.
The Ministry of Education is therefore calling on all education stakeholders, students and parents for their fullest compliance and full involvement.