Liberia: A Nation In Need Of Prayers Amid a Recent Wave of Killings, Disappearances, Corruption, Economic and Governance Lapses


THIS FRIDAY, being the second Friday in April, Liberia would observe a National Fast and Prayer – a ritual that is observed nationally every year. As part of the ritual, President Weah has issued a proclamation in consonance with an Act of the National Legislature passed into law in 1883 declaring the second Friday in April of each year as “National Fast and Prayer Day” for the safety and welfare of the Nation and its people with penitent reverence to God.

THIS YEAR’S proclamation noted that there have been unusual and extraordinary outbreaks of natural phenomena and man-provoked national crises that have caused much harm, devastation, and destruction in many parts of the world, and which our nation has been spared by the grace of God.

PRESIDENT WEAH through the proclamation called on all Prelates, Priests, Elders, Deacons, Evangelists, Imams, and all residents, regardless of religious creed, to gather with one accord in their places of worship, in each city, town, village, hamlet, and home, within the territorial confines of the Republic of Liberia.

THIS RITUAL and the call on all prelates to remember the nation in prayer could not have come at a better time than now.

Liberia is indeed a nation in need of prayer, amid a recent wave of killings, disappearances, hard times, no gasoline and fuel, governance lapses, etc.

WE MUST PRAY for directions and the discipline to restore our economy from its ailing state. Without improvement in the economy, the living conditions of Liberians will continue to be one of the poorest in the region.

THE PRICES OF PETROLEUM products continue to soar. Rice is artificially scarce because importers say they cannot cope with the rising cost of importation when they are not allowed to increase their wholesale price.

WE MUST PRAY for God to save the state from the wickedness that is gradually taking our land – the wanton killing of peaceful citizens. What is even sad about this is that there is either often no trace of the perpetrators or the lack of political will to bring the perpetrators to book.

WE MUST PRAY for the release of the nation from the grips of corruption. corruption is deadly serious when seen from the perspective of people who are marginalized.

CORRUPTION TAKES AWAY the power of average people’s voices and puts it in the hands of just the few who have money. It destroys justice because corrupt leaders make decisions based on their own financial gain rather than on what’s best for the people or morally right. It oppresses the poor, favors the rich, and endangers the powerless.

LET’S PRAY FOR CHANGED MINDSETS—that we would not believe the lies of appeasing or glorifying those in power.

LET’S PRAY that God would raise up political leaders in this country who will stand against corruption. Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict those who have been accepting bribes or misusing money, that they would turn away from this sin and experience forgiveness as Zacchaeus did.

LET’S PRAY for just governments, businesses, and religious bodies with appropriate accountability and oversight.

LET’S PRAY that just laws would be passed and upheld that do not favor the rich or allow rampant corruption.

LET’S PRAY that Liberia becomes that nation we all yearn for.