Former Liberian President, Trump’s Daughter, Ivanka Discuss Women Economic Empowerment


Washington  At the request of the Advisor to the President of the United States on education and economic empowerment of women, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf met with Ivanka Trump on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 in New York to discuss general issues around women empowerment.

The meeting with Madam Sirleaf comes two months after Ivanka Trump’s new role at the White House where she focuses on the education and economic empowerment of women and their families as well as job creation and economic growth through workforce development, skills training and entrepreneurship.

A day earlier, Ivanka announced that the White House was planning a “major initiative” that will launch in 2019 and will consolidate efforts to promote women’s economic empowerment.

The 2019 initiative, she mentioned will focus on “ three pillars including vocational education and skills training, promotion of women entrepreneurs, and eliminating barriers and creating enabling environments so that women in the developing world are able to freely and fairly participate in their local economies.