Liberia: Senator Dillon Seeks Probe into President Weah’s Travels to Qatar World Cup



Senator Darius Dillon Writes the Senate to Investigate President George Weah Prolong Stay Away from Liberia to Watch World Cup in Qatar

Monrovia – Senator Abraham Darius Dillon (LP-Montserrado County) has written plenary of the Liberian Senate demanding an investigation into President George Weah’s prolonged stay out of the bailiwick of the Republic of Liberia to attend the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

According to Senator Dillon, President Weah’s request to the Senate that he was extending his trip because the Paris Peace conference has been extended is untrue, arguing that the conference had already ended.

By: Henry Karmo

In a communication to President Pro Temp Albert Chie, the Montserrado County lawmaker said: “With the concerns raised herein, we are left with the question as to how President Weah’s prolonged stay out of the bailiwick of the Republic of Liberia at the 2022 World Cup games in Qatar a “necessity” and beneficial in the best interests of our country and people and at whose expense? We therefore respectfully seek the intervention of Plenary of the Senate to launch a probe into these claims and to take appropriate, necessary actions in the premises.”

It can be recalled that on November 1, 2022, President Weah informed the August body of his planned visit to the State of Qatar from November 15 -23, 2022, to attend the opening of the FIFA World Cup. According to the President’s letter to the Senate, he would attend the 5th Edition of the Paris Peace Forum in Paris from November 9-15, 2022, before traveling to Qatar.

The President however, on November 18, 2022, informed the Senate that he would extend his stay in Qatar by Seven (7) days and depart on the 30th; instead of the 23rd of November.

The President’s letter further stated that the extension became necessary because the Paris Peace Forum was “extended” from November 15, 2022, to November 18, 2022; thereby causing him to arrive in Qatar at least three (3) days behind schedule.

By such justification, President Weah argued that because the “extension” of the Paris Peace Forum caused him to arrive in Qatar at least three (3) days later, he would spend seven (7) days in Qatar to make up for the extra three (3) days he claimed to have spent at the Paris Peace Forum.

Senator Dillon countered that “an official communication from the Paris Peace Forum showed that the Forum was held on the 11th and 12th of November and was NEVER extended as was contained in President Weah’s information to the Senate. “We have the right to be informed as to the official whereabouts of the President during this period,” Senator Dillon noted.

Senator Dillon continued: “Further, Honorable President Pro Tempore and Distinguished Colleagues, may we refer you to Section 27 of Liberia Travel Ordinance (also hereto attached) that requires public officials, who extend their travel or stay time beyond the seven (7) days period on any particular foreign trip, to finance the costs of their extended stay and submit receipts for reimbursement if such extension was determined needful and necessary.”

Presidential advisor, Mr. Eugene Nabge defended the President’s trip on grounds that the President is using the trip to raise money to for developmental projects in Liberia.