Liberia: Senator Denies Accusations He is Against Elevation of Lofa County Community College


Lofa County – Lofa County Senator, Cllr. Joseph Jallah has rubbished claims that he is against the elevation of the Lofa County Community College (LCCC) to a full-fledged university.

Senator Jallah clarified that since his ascendency to the Liberian Senate, he has at no time resisted any bill that is in the best interest of Lofa County for self-aggrandizement no matter who the proponent is.

By: Selma Lomax

The Lofa County senator noted that the allegation against him has no iota of truth and that it is being perpetrated by some elements in the county who see his ascendency as a threat to their selfish political interest.

The bill seeking to elevate the Lofa County Community College to a full-fledged university was introduced by Lofa County representative Clarence Massaquoi on the request of authorities of the institution but has been lingering at the Capitol since 2021 prior to Jallah’s ascendency as senator in 2022.

This, according to political pundits, shows that the bill when passed into law, should be credited to every member of the Lofa Legislative Caucus, rather than crediting it to Rep. Massaquoi alone.

News have been circulating on social media and across the county that Senator Jallah was against the passage of the instrument.

In a letter addressed to Senate Pro Tempt, Albert Chie dated November 9, 2022, Senator Jallah affirmed his support to the passage of the Act, stating that the instrument when passed, would afford Lofians (residents of Lofa County) and Liberians the opportunity to acquire higher education in the county without necessarily coming to the capital, Monrovia.

Senator Jallah further urged the Pro Tempt and fellow colleagues of the Senate to repeal and speedily pass off the instrument into law.

He stated that as Senator of Lofa County, he would support, sponsor or co- sponsor any Act that has the proclivity to transform the lives of Lofians and Liberians at large.

Senator Jallah said the information circulating on social media is false and misleading, and only intended to put the great people of Lofa County against him after his overwhelming election in less than a year.

“The fact that I crossed over to speak with you, Senator Zargo and others is sufficient to say that I know it to require a teamwork. I strongly think we should work on the concurrence and move ahead for the sake of the people we work for.  I have placed a note in the Caucus chatroom inviting the Caucus to resolve and move on. I spoke to the Pro Temp that I would have come over, but I am currently out of country,” Sen. Jallah stated in a communication.

He continued that the situation is being politicized only to taint his character and further incite the people of Lofa County against his person.

He reiterated his unflinching support to the bill since it was in the interest of the masses.

He used the medium to call on the people of Lofa County not to give listening ears to individuals purporting to be in their interest at the expense of others.