CDC Politics Overshadows Bong County – Jeremiah Sulunteh Disappointed


Gbarnga, Bong County – When the ruling Congress for Democratic Change chased all the votes during the Presidential runoff election in 2017, the party formed friendly relationships with several individuals.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected] 

It was a bid to get massive support, while at the same time made promising to payback these political bedfellows. 

One of such persons was Jeremiah Sulunteh of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), who despite the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress Alexander Cummings not endorsing any of the two candidates in the runoff, endorsed the CDC. 

Mr. Sulunteh wanted something back, observers said at the time. 

It was his anticipation that a CDC win of state power would automatically create a vacancy in the Liberian Senate and ensures he seals the support of Madam Jewel H. Taylor, who is very a popular political figure in Bong County. 

But the political variables have changed and Jeremiah Sulunteh is now left sweating after Representative J. Marvin Cole, who is a confidante of the Vice President, declared his intention to contest the senate seat for the county. 

The news comes as a major blow to Jeremiah Sulunteh’s quest for the senate seat as it is highly likely that CDC will not leave one of its own in the cold to support Mr. Sulunteh. 

FrontPage Africa gathered that Mr. Sulunteh was contemplating joining the CDC, in anticipation of contesting on the party’s ticket in the pending election. 

But a relation between him and Howard-Taylor appears tense since Mr. Sulunteh’s declaration of the CDC in December last year, according to Othello Frank, the chairman of the Friends of Mr. Sulunteh. 

Frank claims Ambassador Sulunteh has placed several calls to the VP but to no avail. 

He also said that the vice President hasn’t endorsed Mr. Sulunteh’s candidacy yet. 

Howard-Taylor has been coy on her choice of candidate. In an interview with journalists in Gbarnga last month she promised to endorse a candidate that will appeal to the minds of the voters. 

“We need a candidate that will be marketable. This seat belongs to the CDC and we can’t afford losing this seat,” she said during the interview. 

Asked whether she will support Mr. Sulunteh in the bi-election, Vice President Taylor said: “The decision is left with the party. Anyone the party supports is the person who will get my endorsement.” 

CDC Representative joins Senate race 

Ahead of Mr. Sulunteh’s endorsement ceremony on Friday, Marvin Josiah Cole of electoral district three, declared his intention to contest the Senate seat. 

Rep. Cole is eyeing the seat because he has the blessing of the Party Standard Bearer, President George Weah and Vice Standard bearer VP Jewel Howard-Taylor. 

“President George Weah and the Vice President have instructed me to contest the upcoming senatorial bi-election. If anyone wants to join the party because of this seat they will faceoff with me in the primary,” he said. 

Mr. Cole said the party is not obliged to reward Mr. Sulunteh with the senate seat.