Bong Residents Show Love for Suspended Superintendent amid Leaked Audio Saga


Gbarnga, Bong County – Residents of Bong County have been trooping to the residence of Madam Esther Walker, who has been suspended by President George Weah.

Report by Selma Lomax, [email protected]

Superintendent Walker is enmeshed in a controversy about a leaked audio believed to be her voice explaining about President Weah’s suspicion that his Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor wants to overthrow him.

In an effort to show support, residents of the county have been paying visits to the residence of Superintendent Walker to console her, while others have spoken about their sorrow for Superintendent Walker on various radio stations in the county.

Superintendent Walker’s leaked recording in which he said that President George Weah admitted that VP Taylor and Rep Marvin Cole want to assassinate him has left citizens debating the issue in the county, many of whom have shown empathy for her. Here are some of the voices captured by our reporter in Gbarnga, Bong County

Darius Yorkpor: 

“Madam Walker was treated unfairly by someone she had faith in. “Is this the level our politics has reached?”. This is a very bad news for our county. I am in empathy with our superintendent. I hope that our president will reconsider her and allow her return to work. I feel that the superintendent was traumatized after she reportedly met the “three influential cabinet members”.

Emmanuel Mulbah: 

“I feel for our superintendent. This is betrayal at the highest level. It shows how we don’t like each other as citizens. The level at which the recording has gone has brought shame not only to the superintendent but the entire county. I strongly believe the superintendent was witch-hunted by her confidante.”

Martha Charlie: 

“I would be heartbroken if the superintendent [loses] her job because of the way people have handled this situation on the social media and in the county. I am calling on the President to exercise restraint and forgive the superintendent.”

Peterson Kollie:

“You are not alone, Superintendent Walker”.  We are in solidarity with you. We are in prayer with you, Madam Superintendent. This issue is not just about your credibility but it has also brought Bong County to public ridicule.” We hope that you are going to be retained so that you enemies can see your success. I am wondering what benefit those who released the audio have got. Hoping that you go throw, Madam Walker.”

Dennis Garsinii: 

“Bong County is difficult to advocate on its behalf. The county doesn’t take seriously its blessing of strategic location, location, strength in number and political capital. For such, it is taken gross advantage by other people. Moreover, the county divisiveness is causing her harm and eroding its importance. As a result, administrations, past and present will always doormat the county.”

Nancy Peabody: 

“I strongly feel it was a calculated ploy by someone I would term as “enemy within” to destroy the superintendent. And I strongly feel the superintendent was a victim of her miscalculation and carelessness. This is a shame to women of the county. I feel the pain the superintendent is going through right now. I can only pray for her reinstatement.”

 Tormue Queminee: 

“I think the president was too reactive. As a leader, he should have had conference with Superintendent Walker to ascertain what really happened. She is a woman and to have been reportedly intimidated by influential officials of government was unusual which I believed may have negatively impacted her action.”

“The allegation coming from the president kitchen cabinet members reportedly directed to the Vice President is serious and I think the president needs to comment. The country won’t progress when first two officials of the country continue to be at loggerheads.”

Beatrice   Gorlotor:

“Sincerely, I have been broken down since Friday when we listened to the audio. The action by the person who recorded the superintendent secretly did wrong. You can’t bring down your leader in that fashion in the name of politics. I am a woman like Madam Walker. Just imagining what she has been through since the audio leaked. This is bad news for our county, especially Madam Walker who has spent just one year as superintendent. This is not a news to be happy for.”  

Alvin Fineboy: 

“Today is Superintendent Walker, tomorrow will be another big name from Bong County that will be implicated in another big scandal. The way our politics has turned now has got me worried. The superintendent struggled for the CDC since 2005 and to see her at the verge of losing her job for a “common mistake” brings tears to my eyes. And to see some people from Bong County celebrating this news, it also makes my day bad. I strongly feel the superintendent deserves to be retained. I have been praying for the superintendent since I listened to the audio.”

Alvin Zarwolo: 

“I really feel sorry for the superintendent. When you listened to the audio, she tried to explain her ordeal to a confidante and out of a sudden it is in the public. This teaches us a lesson as emerging leaders. We must take our time to talk and consider the environment before talking. The Holy Bible teaches us to control our tongue as it is one of the deadliest parts of the body. The superintendent shot herself in the leg. Despite her suspension, the best thing she can do now is to resign.”