Bea Mountain Supports Communities With Food, Hygiene Needs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Grand Cape Mount County – The Management of Bea Mountain Mining Company has purchased 729 bags of rice and 55 pieces of hand washing buckets for its project affected communities with approximately 7,590 residents expected to benefit from the rice distribution.

The distributions targeted several communities including B-52, Kinjor Town, Geeda, Jawajei Marvoh, Kormah Weija, Malina, Mecca, Todemehn, Vai Town, Silent Hill, Jenneh Brown, Gold Camp, GohnZoeh, Bomi-Wood, Jenema, Keita, Germany Camp, Managordua, Mana Junction, Heayea, Small Weaju, Mafala, Kpelleh, and Jersey Village.

Other communities are and institutions that benefited are Lofa Bridge, Lofa Congo, Jawajei Dandah, Harris Field, Bomboh, Mambon Ginda, Mambon Dorley, Gogoima, Bangorma, Ducor-Gbonguma, Sannor, Goor, BoMafa, Togar, Jenema, Gonelor, Gbonjama, Augustine Village, Jenewonde, Klay checkpoint, Bo-waterside, Sinje health center, St. Thomity Hospital, Cape Mount Bomi Hospital, and the county’s main correctional facilities in Cape Mount, Bomi and Gbarpolu Counties.

On May 9, the management of the mining company was joined by the county Superintendent; Asst. Superintendent for Development, district commissioners to begin the distribution.  The donated items included rice, buckets, detergent, powder soap and antiseptic disinfectant.

Some memebrs of the mining company’s affected communities pose for a photo after receiving thier share of the supplies

The distribution began at Kinjor Town – one of the most populated communities in Grand Cape Mount County, which is home to thousands of the company’s project affected people, other Liberians and aliens.

The town chief Hon. Sando Lassana thanked the mining company for identifying with the community in the wake of the global pandemic. He also informed the management of Bea Mountain that his office will ensure the rice reached every household, adding that the food will enable them stay home and observed social distancing.

From May 9-11, the company also distributed rice and hand washing materials to scores of other towns in the county including Silent Hill, Vai Town, Jikando, Geda, Bailikam, Wacco, Gbranga & Dolo Village, Jawajei Marvoh and Gbanii towns.

On Tuesday, 12-14 April, Deayelee, Dangetee, Gbassiah, Gbelleh Garmie, Monnor, Mecca, Perry Farm, Thomas Camp, Todemehn and Jenneh Brown town were amongst several other towns that received their share of the rice.

And then on May 15 and 17, Bo-waterside checkpoint, Sinje health Center, Klay Checkpoint, St. Timothy Hospital, Bomi hospital, Robertsport prison, Sawmill checkpoint and Tubmanburg prison compound were also supplied with rice and anti-COVID-19 materials.

Mr. Bahri Cambazgil, Administrative Manager of BMMC, said the gesture of the food distribution to various communities across the county and other areas was made possible through the General Manager Mr. Ozkan Umurhan of BMMC. He also urged the communities to abide by the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 regulations so as to help defeat the deadly virus.

Accepting the rice and hand washing materials, chiefs of various communities thanked BMMC for the gesture and promised to use them for the intended purpose as they continue to follow MOH/WHO protocols on COVID-19.

Community Relations Department is continuing with the distribution of the rice.

A man recieves a bucket with faucet from a Bea Mountain staff to facilitate hand washing at his home, which is one of the suresst preventive measures against COVID-19

At the start of the distribution, County Superintendent Hon. Boimah G. Kamara thanked the management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) for its “timely intervention most especially in this health crisis” that has plagued the world.

Providing food for our people to stay home and observe social distancing is a great intervention by the company, he said, adding that BMMC is the first company to identify with the citizens and joint securities of Grand Cape Mount County.

Superintendent Kamara also called on the head of the joint security to ensure that all communities follow the World Health Organization and the Government of Liberia preventive health measures.

Superintendent Kamara then called on citizens to report all illegal persons entering their community over night to the security, noting that the county has poor border entry points where security officers are not assigned.

At the same time, he called on the Management of BMMC to augment the work of the media institutions in the county by providing logistical support most especially fuel to enable them broadcast COVID-19 messages.

For her part, Mrs. Tetee Suah, the Officer In Charge, lauded the company for “the timely intervention” in providing the food to the Sinje health center during the global pandemic in Liberia.

Ms. Suah promised that all health workers will receive the food donation from BMMC, stressing that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Liberia, BMMC is the first company to provide them with food.

However, she urged the company to “do more, because more support is needed from the private sector to provide equipment to fight the coronavirus”.

Saxon S. Tambo, the head of the Joint Security in the county, while thanking the management of BMMC mentioned that the rice and hand washing materials will help officers at the border to enforce all preventive measures approved by the government and the WHO.

He mentioned that BMMC is the first company in the county to identified with joint securities in the county, he called on BMMC to provide them with fuel to enable them do regular patrol at all illegal border points in the county.

He mentioned that since the declaration of the State of Emergency and the stay home order by the President George Weah, the border with Sierra Leone has been close stating that only authorized vehicles are allowed passage.

At the same time, Dr. Edwin Zoedua, senior elder of the Marvoh land administrator, expressed thanks to the mine for identifying with the four Marvoh towns and surrounding villages.

He also mentioned that since the pronouncement of the SOE by President Weah state, no individuals or institutions have provided food for the people of Gola Konneh District and Grand Cape Mount in general.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Musu Konneh, youth chairlady of Kinjor, thanked the mining company for the food assistance, during this global crisis which she said has placed the country in a high-risk position in fighting the COVID-19.

She mentioned that BMMC has been very supportive over the years in meeting the needs of people in Kinjor and Gola Konneh district.

Hon. Arthur Konneh, district commission, thanked to the company for the food and COVID-19 hand washing materials to the people of Gola Konneh district.

He mentioned that since the outbreak of the virus in Liberia, BMMC is the only company in Grand Cape Mount County that is conducting outreach in towns and villages on the danger of the virus. He then cautioned communities to abide by all the health protocol placed by Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Henry Vincent, the head of Community Relations Department of BMMC, said the rice distribution and hand washing buckets will continue in Bomi and Gbarpolu Counties.

Mr. Vincent, who did the presentation on behalf of the company, thanked the nurses and officers of the joint security for the level of work.

He mentioned that times like these when the nation and people are faced with danger of the deadly coronavirus disease in line with golden rule of being your brother’s keeper especially at a time when we need each other most.

The distribution of the 729 bags of rice, according to the company is intended to ease the financial constrains during the pandemic, he said while encouraging citizens to always follow all health protocols put in place by the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) in order to keep safe.