Liberia: Samuel Jackson Slams Organizers June 7 Save the State Protest

Economist Sam Jackson is the country to launch his book (pictured)

MONROVIA – Liberia Economist Samuel P. Jackson, who is visiting the country to promote his book, Rich Land Poor Country, has lambasted the organizers of the June 7th planned protest.

Appearing on a popular radio talk show on Okay FM Monday, May 20, Mr. Jackson noted that the organizers of the protest do not have the moral high grounds to stage a protest terming them as people, who “raped the state” over the years. However, he didn’t show any proof of his accusations against the “Council of Patriots”, the umbrella organization under which the June protest is being planned.

“When you look at the make up of the organizers, you get afraid as you are reminded of the war years and some of the things that have gotten this country where it is today. “They are all dressed in different clothes these days, but they still carry the stigma as destroyers of this poor country call Liberia,” Mr. Jackson noted.

“How can Oscar Cooper aka ‘Captain Marvel’ who reigned over the South Eastern parts of this country looting diamond and timbers be the organizer of a protest to save the state? Are you serious,” Mr. Jackson asked? “It was because of the likes of Oscar Cooper that a UN Resolution was passed on diamond and timbers.”

Jackson further stated that it was laughable to see former officials of the Unity Party calling for a protest to save the state. “Where were you when US$30 million walked out of NOCAL in broad day light, or when US$13 million of donor money was unaccounted for? They cannot be serious any day.”

Mr. Jackson told the listening audience that he will be launching his book on 25 May and is encouraging Liberians to take advantage of the historical and economic significance of his publication. The book tells a tale of a country endowed with natural resources but yet unable to discover its full potential due to poor economic and political decisions.

Meanwhile, some Liberians have also started questioning the true nature of the organizers of the protest as well. A prominent citizen of Bomi County, Madam Mary Seh, said the name Sando Johnson has discouraged her and therefore will not participate in the protest.

“Sando Johnson burned down C. H. Dewey High School in the 80s” so what moral ground he has to save the state,” she wonders.