Liberia: Lonestar Launches 21-Day Promo in Ganta

Lonestar staff along with students

Ganta, Nimba County – Lonestar Cell MTN, one of Liberia’s two GSM companies, has launched a new promotional piece referred to as “21 days of Yello care.”

The ‘21 days of Yello care,’ according to the corporate communications director, Christal Dionne Reeves, was set aside in order to identify with their customers across the country.

She explained that every year the company has what they called corporate social responsibility. To achieve this, they go into various communities and give back to the communities. They intend to do this promotion, which is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, for at least 21 days.

According to Madam Reeves, the company has for the past years been in Nimba and Bassa among other places, where they gave back to the communities.

She stated that they have taken this promotion to Grand Cape Mount, Bong and others counties. In some of those counties, they constructed reading rooms, toilets and other projects.

Lonestar’s Communication Director disclosed that this year’s Yello Care will focus on teaching students how to make use of the internet and others facilities of the company and how they can market themselves in the world.

Our Nimba County correspondent said the company will also train the students how to create email addresses and how to search others useful networks on the Internet.

She said the skills been provided to the students will enable they to sell themselves to the world.

According to her, Liberia has a youthful populations and the company has deemed it important to invest into them to make them more productive in their communities.

The students thanked the GSM service provider for making the opportunity available for them to have more knowledge about the world.

She noted that the launch in the city of Ganta was to open the minds of the students about most of the Internet facilities and how they can use them.

They were also thought the use of the various social media platforms in most parts of the world.

The communications director disclosed that youths are the future of the country and there is a need for them to explore the world.

She urged the students to get in the communities to teach others on how they can make use of the knowledge they have received.