Title of Request: Selection of Technical Partner & Co-Investor – Trinity Agro Corporation

Procurement Reference No.: ECL/CU/TAC-002-INV  

Trinity Agro Corporation (TAC), an agribusiness entity owned by the Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL) and Cuttington University (CU), an institution of ECL, proposes to enter a Joint Venture (J/V) arrangement with an experienced agriculture management entity to implement a specific business development plan. The J/V will engage in agribusiness activity on virgin land owned by both ECL and CU in Liberia. 

The objective of the agribusiness development activity is to enhance the financial selfsufficiency of the ECL and CU by engaging in the well-organized, climate-smart production of highly profitable short-cycle crops. These will include exotic vegetables through a mechanized organic farming brand for local and export sales. The plan is to also produce manure-based fertilizer for organic farming activity through poultry breeding. 

TAC seeks a joint venture relationship with a company that meets the following criteria:

  1. Minimum five (5) years of successful experience in the management of agribusiness investments, farmland management, provision of land management and advisory services to smallholders and farmer-based organizations, smallholder livelihood and financing focusing on women and youth farmers, research, and development activities, especially in Africa or climate like Liberia.
  2. Be prepared and willing to co-invest a minimum of 30% of the equity of the J/V.  3) Has a core group of highly qualified and experienced staff, with the requisite track record to operate a profitable organic agribusiness company producing high-quality shortcycle crops like exotic vegetables (e.g., green beans, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers), hot pepper, rice, corn, and soybean, plus essential oil plants, organic poultry feed, poultry products and manure-based organic fertilizer. 
  3. Can provide efficient oversight and skills transfer in mechanized organic farming, water resource management, organic pest control, and post-harvest techniques for maximum yield year-round production at competitive production costs for easy access to local and export markets.
  4. Can produce and maintain adequate supplies of agricultural inputs, organic fertilizers, improved seeds, and organic pesticides for internal needs plus the needs of smallholders and farmer-based organizations (FBO) in the region;
  5. Can effectively manage the provision of harvesting and post-harvest services including crop preservation.
  6. Can manage the provision of extension services via trained agricultural extension workers plus farmer field school training for FBO members including women and youth, at CU for students in organic farming of target crops above plus rice, cassava, and selected tree crops like oil palm and avocado.
  7. Has the willingness and experience to form partnerships with FBOs and other agribusinesses to engage in value-added processing of selected crops (e.g., (a) producing poultry feed from corn and soybean, (b) processing of cassava and palm oil into various derivatives, and (c) extraction of essential oils); and
  8. Can maintain and effectively operate a pool of farming equipment for internal use and services to FBOs on a phased cost-recovery basis and train FBO members plus CU students in the operation, maintenance, and repairs of such equipment at CU.

Candidates will be shortlisted according to the above criteria in line with these elements:

  1. Core Business of the firm and Number of Years in Business
    1. Technical and Managerial Organization of the Firm
    1. Description of Similar Business Activities
    1. Experience in Similar Conditions
    1. Availability of Appropriate Skills among Staff or within the firm

Further information is available at this email address: [email protected] during office hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT. Please also visit these websites: and Cuttington University:

Expressions of interest quoting the Procurement Reference No. must be submitted to the above via email by May 31, 2022, at @ 5:00 pm GMT.  

Episcopal Church of Liberia, Trinity Agro Corporation Team

Attn: Agency for Economic Development & Empowerment

Monrovia, Liberia