LP Donates Generator to Community Radio Station in Margibi County


Kakata, Margibi County – The opposition Liberty Party (LP) has donated a 2.5 KVA generator to Radio Kakata FM 101.7 MHZ barely two weeks since the station was shut down from the airwaves.

The station, according to its management team, was recently cut from its Orange GSM power source due to some technical problems from the generator that is supplying the company’s site and two community radio stations in Kakata, Margibi County.

Since then, the station has been off the airwaves, thus greatly depriving hundreds of residents of the county that are relying on the station as a source entertainment and information on what is going around within the county and the country as a whole, especially on issues surrounding the conduct of the pending October 10, 2017 representatives and president elections.

The station’s closure triggered the Liberty Party officials in Margibi County to intervene with the donation of the generator for the resumption of its normal broadcast to the people of the county.

Presenting the generator to Radio Kakata management team on Thursday, August 31, 2017, the Chairman of the Liberty Party Margibi County chapter, Albert Benjamin Sonnie said as the Liberty party believes in and supports free speech, it was against such backdrop that they thought it expedient to urgently assist the community radio station in order to keep informing the people of Margibi County.

Mr. Sonnie reminded the people of the county through the station’s management that the Liberty Party standard bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Bruskine has and will always remain committed in the promotion of free speech which is fundamental in the practice of modern democracy in Liberia and the world over.

Earlier, Sandy Saye Johnson, the Liberty Party’s representative candidate in Margibi County electoral District #3 asserted that the party is not just involved in canvassing for votes, but is also engaged in addressing difficulties people of the county might be faced with.

Mr. Johnson made reference to the party’s nationwide medical clinic outreach, grants to marketers, among others.

Receiving the donation, the Station Manager of Radio Kakata, Samuel O. Borbor praised the Liberty Party for its farsightedness in identifying the station power outage as a priority to be addressed.

Mr. Borbor noted that as the party thought to consider the station a priority, it equally suggests that the party is thinking of the people of Margibi County.  

Yawah Jaivey in Kakata, FPA Contributor

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