Grand Bassa County Only Ambulance Involved in Accident


Buchanan, Grand Bassa County – Lives of sick people in critical conditions outside Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, are now at risk due to poor condition of the ambulance.

The Liberian government Hospital in Buchanan has one major ambulance that is used to get very ill people from their homes to the hospital and sometimes to the JFK Hospital in Monrovia.

The only functional ambulance on November 20, 2017 was involved in an accident with a vehicle belonging to the Equatorial Palm Oil Company operating in the county.

Eyewitnesses on told FrontPage Africa that the ambulance was on its way to pick-up truck a sick person when the EPO vehicle came from a side road collided with it.

The ambulance run into a deep pit after hitting the EPO vehicle and got damage in its front

By passers speculated that the EPO driver wasn’t probably attentive to have heard the siren sounds from the ambulance.

Aaron Johnson, an eye witness, told this newspaper that the ambulance was on excessive speed when the incident occurred but noted that there was no one wounded from both vehicles.

“When these drivers hear the ambulance coming they don’t want to give chance at all.”

“This is wrong and drivers need to stop what they are doing, “he added.

Johnson continued: “Drivers should also stop playing high music in their vehicles.” According to him, this is one of the causes drivers do not hear an approaching, on-duty ambulance.

Early Monday morning, November 21, a mini truck commonly known as “Kia Motor,” ran into two young men in District Four Grand Bassa County, where the EPO Company has its main operations.

The two men died, according to our investigations, due to the lack of ambulance to ferry them to the hospital the same morning.

The ambulance was loaned to the hospital by JHPIEGO, in order to help save the lives of sick people in the county.

The ambulance is currently at the Buchanan police station as investigation into the matter, continues.

The County Attorney and the administrators of the Liberian Government Hospital are yet to speak to this situation.

 Report by Elton Wroinbee Tiah, FPA Contributor