Lutheran Church Liberia Intensifies its Psychosocial Counselling with Disadvantaged Youth


Paynesville –  The Lutheran Church in Liberia, through its Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Program (LCL-THRP) has extended its psychosocial counselling to several disadvantage youths, commonly known as Zogos in Paynesville.

The initiative which took place at one of the Church’s edifice in Du-port road over the weekend is in continuation of its Psychological Intervention Project for Returning Migrants and Drug Users that was recently launched.

With support from the Bread for the World-Protestant Development Service (Brot für die welt), the initiative is intended to target several drug users in Paynesville as well as to physiologically rehabilitate them through counselling.

Speaking to reporters during the initiative, the General Secretary of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, Atty. Naomi Ford-Wilson said the aim and objective of the project is to help restore the mental conscience of Liberians youths that are now living on drugs or other harmful substances.

She said the intent of the project is to also ensure that those drug users who are the future leaders of Liberia are rehabilitated and reintegrated, and to give them hope and make them useful once more for the society.

According to her, there is no better time to identify with the drug users other than this time admid the proliferation of drugs into the country.

“it is time that all of us put our hands on deck and help rescue those children because who knows, they could be our brothers, sisters or love ones.”

She noted since the process, the respond from the disadvantaged youths has been’ very’ encouraging, and added that country is now at the crossroad when it comes to drugs importation; and as such, the needs for government and other well-meaning to act can never be overemphasized.

According to her, Liberians who are living on drugs are no different from anyone as such, and there was a need to form a united front in encouraging them to leave the street.

“Those boys and girls need protection and comfort line from any other Liberians. So, let us see to it that we help them out if this menance.”

Meanwhile, the Lutheran Church General Secretary further disclosed that the Church will soon extend the project to other counties, adding, “Our target is to see to it that Liberia is drug addicts free and drug free society that all can live peacefully.”

In remarks, several of the disadvantage youths lauded the Church for identifying with them. The expressed willingness to change and become productive people in the society.

They promised to become change makers for some of their colleagues who they said are finding it very difficult to leave drugs.