Liberia: Court Accepts Cummings’ Bond as Solicitor General Says He’s “Honorable Man


Monrovia – Monrovia City Court Judge Jomah Jallah has released the Alternative National Congress Polical Leader Alexander Cummings on bond after his appearance based on a writ of arrest served on him for alleged forgery and criminal conspiracy.

Cummings appeared at the Temple of Justice with huge supporters, sympathizers and members of the ANC.

He was escorted by his team of lawyers to include Oratio Gould, Alloysius Toe alongside Liberty Party Chairman Musa Bility.

Cummings in open court denied having any link or idea to the allegations levied by Mr. Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party which prompted Judge Jallah to release Mr. Cummings on grounds that he has secured the required bond.

Despite Cummings pointing fingers at government for allegedly manipulating the ALP to sue him, our Judicial Reporter said Solicitor General Serena Cephus was also spotted in the court during the proceeding.

Our reporter said Cllr. Cephus was also spotted going in Chambers with Judge Jallah, after which, Cllr. Syrenius Cephus said in open court has accessed a bond and as a an honorable person, he should be released.

“Cummings is an honorable man and should not be treated ordinarily because he has secured a bond. He is free to go anywhere,” Cllr. Cephus said.

Cllr. Cephus also pointed out that the essence of the bond is to ensure the day-to-day appearance of Cummings at the court.

Following his release,  Cummings lauded his supporters and those who stood by him at the court.

He said it had been his intention to see the situation surrounding the the Framework Document settled.

However, Cummings said the situation will not divide the CPP which he said is determined to make George Weah a one-term President.

The complainant, Urey and his Party Chairman were not seen at the court hearing on Tuesday, January 4.

It can be recalled that on Monday January 3, Cummings was ordered arrested by the Monrovia City Court  for alleged  crime criminal conspiracy Forgery following the complaint file  by all Liberia party  by Benoni W. Urey.

ALP’ complaint to the court alleged that its learders’ signatures were “unlawful attached”  to the alleged framework  document of the CPP filed with National national  elections commission (NEC) under the championship of Mr. Cummings. Nevertheless the CPP  framework document was prepare when Mr. Urey  chairman of the CPP.

Cummings Has since termed the legal action against him has being poltical and an attempt to discredit him