Sekou Konneh Resigns As BYC President


Monrovia – The President of Barrack Young Controller Sekou Konneh has resigned his post as president of the former Liberian champions.

Report by Christopher C. Walker, [email protected]

BYC in a release said  Konneh wants to focus more on his role as vice president for administration at the Liberia Football Association.

Since the establishment of BYC Konneh has been instrumental in the successes of the club and was key in bringing Robert A. Sirleaf to BYC.

According to the club’s statement, Konneh is irreplaceable in BYC.

“BYC Football Inc formally announces the resignation of Mr. Sekou Konneh as President of BYC Inc, effective Saturday, July 21. Mr. Konneh is stepping down to focus on his new role as Vice-President for Administration of the Liberia Football Association (LFA).”

“It is with a heavy heart that I accept the resignation on behalf of the Board of Directors and our Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Sirleaf,” Mohammed Paasewe the Chief Operating Officer said.

“The Go Blue family wants to congratulate Mr. Konneh for his invaluable services over the years. He has been  “everything” to BYC since its inception in 1997. “Ayatollah” is our father, our brother, and our friend.  No one, absolutely no one, can fill his shoes at BYC.  He is, and always will be our moral leader. We wish him the very best in his new role at the LFA,” The Go Blue Boys statement said.

Sekou  Konneh said he is leaving  BYC as president to give the opportunity to the young people. “I am grateful for the time as served as president of BYC  but it’s time to give the opportunity to the young people to lead.”

“BYC will always be in my heart, let me thank the fans, players, and administration for all their support given me,” the former BYC president said.

Konneh said there is no law at the LFA that states that a person cannot be president or official of a club and be president or vice president at the LFA but want transparency at Liberia.

Meanwhile, former national team and BYC goalkeeper Nathaniel Sherman who is BYC II president has been named president of the Club.

The club statement said “the Board of Directors also announced the appointment of Nathaniel Sherman, currently President of BYC-II, the new President of BYC Football Inc replacing Konneh; overseeing the club entire football operation; effective Monday, July 23, 2018.”

Speaking about his new appointment Sherman said he is delighted to serve the biggest club in the country at the highest level.

“I feel delighted to be president of this great Club BYC.  I know I am replacing a great personality and to do so I will work to keep us at the top of Liberian football.”

“My experience as a player is what I am bringing to the club, with the collective effort of everyone at BYC we can keep the club up,” Sherman said.